In Pictures: Microsoft shows off Xbox SmartGlass

Company touts multi-device capabilities - and other Xbox news - at E3

  • SmartGlass heads big Xbox news day As outlined at the E3 expo in Los Angeles yesterday, Microsoft is looking to make real the promise of converting its Xbox gaming console into a multimedia, multi-device platform that would incorporate TV, movies and the Internet. What follows are a SmartGlass demonstration video, as well as images from Microsoft’s stage presentation and additional Xbox-related news.

  • At the touch of a tablet Marc Whitten, the head of Xbox Live, demonstrates the new XBox SmartGlass using a wireless tablet controller.

  • Combining devices Whitten showed the E3 audience how SmartGlass could be used with television shows. While playing a clip from HBO's "Game of Thrones," a tablet showed a map of where the scene was taking place. "My phone and tablet are keeping up with all of the action on the TV," he said.

  • Not exactly a free throw Microsoft marketing executive Yusuf Mehdi introduces a new XBox entertainment partner: the NBA. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to watch NBA games via Xbox for free, however, as an NBA League Pass subscription will still be required.

  • Tuning out Zune Mehdi introduces XBox Music, which the company says eventually will replace its Zune subscription and download music service. It promised some 30 million songs and Microsoft hopes it will compete better with music services such as iTunes, Spotify and Rhapsody.

  • Microsoft’s music play XBox Music will work on the Xbox as well as on Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices.

  • New ‘South Park’ game "South Park" creators Matt Parker and Trey Stone appear on stage as they introduce the new XBox game "South Park: The Stick of Truth." How did it come about? “We got approached a couple of years ago to do a South Park game and the only thing was that it had to feel like you were in a South Park episode,”Parker said. Added Stone: “So it had to get that distinctive, crappy South Park look

  • Montana and Madden Joe Montana, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, uses game controller to play Electronic Arts' Madden NFL 13 at Microsoft’s XBox news briefing yesterday in Los Angeles.

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