Get your photos printed -- on metal!

Print2Metal is a service allowing you to get your photos printed on aluminium sheets

  • One of the most interesting stands at Melbourne's Digital Show was Print2Metal, which, as the name suggests, is a company that can print your photos on metal. Aluminium to be precise.

  • The metal needs to be treated with a special receptor so that the ink dyes can stick to it, and prints can be made either directly onto the brushed, metal base, or onto a white backing. The comparison between the two is shown in this slide. The company says that there is no lamination process.

  • There are four metal finishes to choose from, which incflude the ultra gloss with a white base that you can see in this image of Wonder Woman, as well as matte with a white base, brushed aluminium gloss, and brushed aluminium matte.

  • The company can print large sizes up to 760x1140mm in addition to small pieces, and it says that the prints are scratch and water resistant, allowing them to be hung in wet areas such as bathrooms. The metal that's used is 1.27mm thick and cut to the required size.

  • If a flat image is too boring for you, why not try out one of these very interesting wavy finsihes? Other curved and joined finishes are available, too.

  • The rear of the printed metal in this photo has the floating hangar option, but there are other display options as well. Pricing will depend on the size, and display option, and it's not cheap compared to canvas, for example. A 8x12in photograph (20.32x30.48cm) with a floating hangar display option costs $100. Still, the results are stunning and it's worth checking out if you want something different to hang up on your walls. For more information or to order prints, check out [[xref:|Print2Metal's]] Web site.

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