In Pictures: Spotify in Australia

A look at the Spotify app for PC

  • Spotify has [[artnid:425266|launched with full fanfare]] in Australia today. We've had a look through the computer and mobile apps — here's a quick guide to how to use Spotify on your PC or iPhone. When the Spotify app for PC is run for the first time, users are presented with the option to create a Spotify account or sign in with an existing one.

  • The main page of Spotify recommends albums, tracks and playlists from connected users — Facebook friends and other Spotify users — as well as showcasing featured mini-apps within the Spotify program.

  • Spotify's apps are specialised ways to find, explore or listen to music. Spotify has launched in Australia with a number of app partners, one of which is national youth radio broadcaster Triple J.

  • The People menu lists all your Facebook friends who have a Spotify account. You can also use it to send any Facebook friend a track shared from Spotify.

  • Once you've got a playlist or album or list of music queued up, the Play Queue is where you'll find it. You can skip ahead or rearrange music in this tab.

  • The Spotify App Finder lists every app on the service, with a list of the latest apps and the most popular as well as a search option.

  • The Top Lists tab is like an interactive Top 40 music chart: it's here that you'll find all the music that's most popular on Spotify at the moment. It's no surprise that it closely mirrors what's popular on Australian radio and in record stores.

  • Radio stations pick and choose similar artists to what you've already listened to, to make a contiguous playlist for lazy listeners. We apologise for the horrendous song choices in this particular screenshot.

  • The Library tab shows music from your Spotify collection, including any playlists you've subscribed to. It also shows music stored locally on your computer.

  • The final section is the Preferences area. This isn't a tab — you reach it from the Edit menu — but it's got a few options for sharing your music listening, adjusting your music choices, and most importantly for enabling the "High quality streaming" option on Spotify Premium accounts.

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