In Pictures: Who are tech’s highest paid CEOs?

Oracle’s Larry Ellison finally ousted from the top spot on our list of highest paid tech execs. We count them down from 50 to 1. (All figures in $US)

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Larry Page, Google CEO

Page became CEO in April of last year, and he continued to draw only a $1 salary. In 2010 he received a holiday bonus worth $1,785, but he didn’t get one in 2011 -- which is why his pay took a big plunge, percentage wise, when it dropped from $1,786 to $1. Nor did he participate in Google’s executive bonus plan or equity programs. (Of course, Page isn't going hungry. Thanks to his stash of Google stock, his net worth is pegged at about $18.7 billion.) As a company, Google grew revenue by 29% in 2011 (from $29.3 billion to $37.9 billion) and increased its net income by 14% (from $8.5 billion to $9.7 billion).

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