In Pictures: 10 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you

  • 10 ways to celebrate Star Wars Day For "Star Wars" buffs, May 4 is a day to party. Behind "Luke, I am your father," perhaps the most memorable line in the Star Wars films is "May the force be with you." (Get it? Of course, you do.) If you need ideas as to how to celebrate, here are 10, including events, activities, and even some friendly interactions with "Star Trek" fans as well.

  • Intergalactic Star Wars Day Toronto 2012 What started last year as a Star Wars Day celebration has turned into a full-fledged function this year at the Intergalactic Star Wars Day Toronto 2012. On Friday, May 4, the event at the Toronto Underground Cinema will feature a Trilogy Trivia Game Show, a costume contest -- both Jedi League and a Padawan League for the juniors -- and film presentations, including spoofs and "Star Wars" spinoffs.

  • Join the 501st Legion If you're looking for the premier "Star Wars" group, the 501st Legion is for you. That is, if you're on the Dark Side. This nationwide group of "Star Wars" costume enthusiasts meets regularly for charity and promotional appearances, or sometimes just for fun and has chapters all around the world. Find your local legion, and don't forget to play the part.

  • Plan your 'Star Wars' convention trip If traveling this weekend is too short notice, make your plans now to get to the sixth annual Star Wars Celebration, the massive expo for "Star Wars" fanatics each year in Florida. This year's convention at the Orange County Convention Center will feature panel discussions, workshops and even speed dating to find your perfect mate. There are other regional shows in Los Angeles, Japan, London, Indianapolis and Denver throughout the spring and summer.

  • Update your Facebook profile to a 'Star Wars' theme The official home of "Star Wars" on Facebook has a clever way for "Star Wars" fans to show their true colors. A famous scene in "A New Hope" features Darth Vader strangling an Imperial admiral, which fans can recreate to honor May the 4th. Simply put the image of Vader using the force as the main photo on your Facebook profile and an a picture of the chocking admiral as the small image as seen here. Then tweet it out to your friends using #MayThe4thBeWithYou hashtag.

  • Find free 'Star Wars' comic books If you're not in the mood to travel, but love comic books, perhaps Free Comic Book Day is for you. Scrounge local comic book shops to find "Star Wars" comics, and perhaps even score one for free during the annual Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday in May each year at participating stores around the country.

  • Build 'Star Wars' Legos For a hands-on activity, construct one of a variety of "Star Wars" lego sets, including the hard-to-find Death Star, Imperial Shuttle, or -- for the Jedi crowd -- R2D2 or the Millennium Falcon.

  • Play 'Star Wars' games If Legos aren't your thing, there are a variety of "Star Wars" board and electronic games that can be played, ranging from "Star Wars Operation" to "Star Wars Monopoly," or one of the dozens of video "Star Wars" games.

  • Make 'Star Wars' food Hungry? There are a variety of "Star Wars" utensils and cooking tools that can be used to make a "Star Wars"-themed meal. Everything from pancake and cookie cutters, to a "Star Wars" spatula.

  • Battle your friends with lightsaber app If someone you know is not following Imperial orders, or if you need to fight the Dark Side, download the lightsaber app on your smartphone -- complete with the "swooshing" noises -- to slash the galaxy into order.

  • Make fun of Trekkies As Star Wars Day is celebrated across galaxies near and far, far away, so too will "Star Trek" fanatics be convening in New Jersey on May 5-6 at the annual Star Trek Convention. This year's event is headlined by Patrick Stewart, with guest appearances by Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton, among others. Stop in decked out in your "Star Wars" gear to poke fun of the Trekkies dressed up in funny outfits. Or, join them if you so wish. Whatever you do, May the 4th be with you.

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