In pictures: NBN 3-year roll-out plan announced

3.5 million premises to have access to NBN by mid-2015

  • According to Gillard, more than one million premises in NSW will be connected, 700,000 in Victoria, 680,000 in Queensland, 430,000 in Western Australia, 330,000 in South Australia, 65,000 in the Northern Territory and over 200,000 in Tasmania.

  • Prime Minister Gillard gave a speech on the occasion: “We are announcing today that more than 3.5 million homes, businesses, schools and hospitals will be getting access to the NBN in the next three years."

  • NBNCo chief executive Mike Quigley gave an explanation of the process used in prioritising sites for successive stages of the roll-out: “We had to take instructions that the government — our shareholder — gave to us, which was to get a balance between regional and metro areas, and also to achieve a balance across Australia and to complete Tasmania by 2015.”

  • NCNCo CEO Mike Quigley said that the company had to base its roll-out plan upon access to exisiting duct infrastructure from Telstra, with priority given to growth corridors including potential future greenfields areas. Priority was also given to locations where fixed wireless and satellite stations will be installed for non-fibre customer access in regional areas.

  • NICTA CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte spoke on the potential of Australia's NBN project, saying in a statement: "ICT is the key future driver for both the economic and social wellbeing of Australia, and a rich broadband capability will accelerate take-up of the digital economy."

  • Minister Conroy said the plan covered a total of 139 federal electorates out of 150 across the country, specifically 67 Labor, 61 Coalition, and six of the seven cross-bench seats.

  • Attendees were shown [[xref:|a promotional video]] accompanying the launch of the plan.

  • At the busiest stage of the roll-out, over 6000 premises per week will have fibre connections to the NBN installed. No completion dates for any of the 1500 roll-out sites were made available, although work is expected to take over a decade.

  • Minister Conroy detailed the plan, also warning that development would be halted under a Liberal Government: “Ultimately, no one will miss out but, there will be some Australians disappointed they are not included in this three year announcement," Conroy said. "Keep in mind, if elected Tony Abbott will stop the NBN rollout dead in its tracks."

  • At a press conference in Sydney today, Prime Minister Julia Gillard joined NBNCo's Mike Quigley, Minister for Broadband Stephen Conroy, Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese and NICTA's Hugh Durrant-Whyte for the announcement of NBNCo's [[artnid:420037|three-year network roll-out plan]].

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