In pictures: Samsung Forum 2012 (TV and Home Entertainment)

Samsung's 2012 TVs, audio systems and home entertainment products

  • A Samsung executive showed Good Gear Guide Smart Interaction, using voice control, gesture and face recognition to control a TV without a remote.

  • This Samsung DA-ES760 audio system can dock a Galaxy Tab or Galaxy smartphone, with a dual-dock model also available to suit Apple products. It can connect to Wi-Fi and stream music wirelessly from a Samsung TV or device using AllShare Play.

  • Smart Evolution will let 2012 TV buyers upgrade their sets in 2013 when expansion kits are made available with extra processing or graphics power.

  • Samsung will be promoting its TV range using three key aspects: Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution.

  • A look at the Smart Hub on a 2012 Samsung Series 8 TV.

  • Samsung will be promoting the Fitness and Family Story apps as part of its 2012 Smart Content service.

  • A range of accessories will be available for this year's TV sets, including 3D glasses that are much thinner and lighter than previous models.

  • The six key elements Samsung is counting on to sell its 2012 TV range.

  • Gesture control sees an outstretched hand as a mouse cursor, which can be moved around the screen. Clenching the hand into a fist 'clicks' on on-screen items.

  • The top-of-the-line Series 8 LED TV. In its 55in screen size this will be Samsung's most expensive TV for 2012.

  • Family Story is a private social network that can be accessed by family members using Samsung mobile apps on smartphones or tablets. Users can post photos and leave notes for other family members.

  • Premium Samsung plasma TVs from the Series 7+ and Series 5+ ranges.

  • A bevy of TVs were on display at the 2012 Samsung Forum.

  • Fitness uses pre-loaded exercise videos, can sync with a Wi-Fi weight scale, and can access Runkeeper data from linked mobile apps to build a work-out profile.

  • TVs from the budget Series 4 to premium Series 8 were on show.

  • The Samsung DA-ES760 uses a dual-stage amplifier using both valve and digital amplifier technology; it promises warm sound without distortion.

  • Another look at the Samsung Series 8 LED TV.

  • This Samsung soundbar can be split in half to work as stereo speakers to each side of a TV, and two soundbars can be combined for a four-speaker setup.

  • Voice control lets users issue basic commands to the television, and its use in apps like the Web browser is also possible. An Australian English version will be available in local TVs.

  • A 2012 Samsung Series 8 LED TV in a Smart TV booth.

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