In pictures: Samsung Forum 2012 (IT and Home Appliances)

A look at Samsung's 2012 product range for notebooks and smart home appliances

  • Central to Samsung's smart appliance strategy is the Smart Home Control app. This Samsung Galaxy Note is connected via Wi-Fi to a Samsung air conditioner, and can control its temperature even when accessing remotely over 3G.

  • Power users were catered for with the Series 7 Chronos 17" notebook.

  • Much cheaper than the Slate or Series 9 was this Series 5 Ultra 13" notebook.

  • One distraction from the exhibition saw attendees have their caricatures drawn by artists using Samsung Galaxy note smartphone-cum-tablets.

  • A Samsung executive introduced new TVs, with upgradeable hardware through a Smart Evolution feature.

  • On the smart-and-connected appliances side of the exhibition this Wi-Fi fridge took pride of place.

  • It's no less impressively designed, though, with ports including a multi-card reader.

  • Within a few seconds, any change on the app would see cooler or warmer air produced by the Samsung Wi-Fi air conditioner.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Beam, a smartphone with inbuilt projector, was introduced with a demonstration for attendees.

  • The Series 9 uses special break-out connectors for Ethernet and video ports: it's too sleek to build these into the body.

  • The Samsung Navibot S also has Wi-Fi and can connect to the Smart Home Control service, to be scheduled or disabled. Samsung representatives also hinted towards a possible future app to access the Navibot's front-mounted camera for remote viewing.

  • The Slate PC can be used with or without a Bluetooth PC or stylus.

  • On the exhibition floor the second generation Samsung Series 9 notebook was displayed. It's 21 per cent slimmer and 29 per cent smaller than its predecessor.

  • Another look at the Wi-Fi refrigerator's touchscreen.

  • Also on display was the Samsung Slate PC. Running Windows 7 with a touch overlay, it doesn't have the impediments of a mobile operating system.

  • At the 2012 Samsung Forum, a range of products were on show: the theme was wireless connection between devices of all types.

  • With a touchscreen, it can access Samsung apps and can be used as an interactive noteboard or to store shopping lists.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 was also shown off in 7in and 10in screen sizes.

  • With a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and switching NVidia Optimus graphics, it's aimed at professionals as a desktop replacement.

  • This Wi-Fi washing machine can be controlled remotely -- a user could set it while out or could check how long a load has remaining until complete.

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