In Pictures: 12 seriously cool “toys” for big boys and girls

Big Boys Toys exhibition tempts your inner child

  • A radio-controlled Leopard 2 tank from HG-Tank looks and sounds like a real armored leviathan. Credit: Reuters

  • The AI Dynamics Robostep can reach speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour while computers and motors in the base of the device keep the device upright and balanced. According to the company, a user commands the Robostep to go forward by shifting his weight forward on the platform and backward by shifting his weight backward. A single charge allows you to travel about 30-40km.

  • The Air Creation 'Tanarg Bionix' ultra-light aircraft. The aircraft’s seats are designed to accommodate a range of body shapes with fully adjustable foot controls to allow the short and the tall pilots exact footing on the brake, throttle and steering controls, according to Air Creation.

  • Virtual Fly has built a flight simulation system for the masses. The company’s OVO-04 features a fully enclosed, single seat cockpit with complete instrument panel; full motion control with multiple flight sensations; communication to the outside with headsets, microphone and flight views; Internet connectivity and low power consumption.

  • The Lito Sora is an electric motorcycle that can go up to 300 km on a single charge. Lito says of the Sora: “Experience the power of going 0-200 km/h with zero clutch and phenomenal torque that makes you feel like you're flying on the road.”

  • The Yike Bike is the smallest folding electric bike in the world -- with the ability to fold up or unfold in just 15 seconds and travel at 25 mph, the company says.

  • The Hulme Can Am Spyder "Bear 1" test car. Credit: Reuters

  • With the futuristic-looking Marchi Mobile Elemment Palazzo coming in at about $3 million, you’re not likely to see too many of these things – no matter how cool they are. According to the “Palazzo allegedly has a 510 hp engine that will propel it up to a top speed of 93 mph and the rig is reportedly capable of getting about 13 mpg, which may make it both the fastest and most efficient mobile living room presently on the market.”

  • The Big Boys Toys exhibition was held this month in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It features a number of leading edge adult toys like aircraft and race car simulators as well as new electric motorcycles. Some of the products debuted at the show, other were just there showing off. Here’s a look at a few of the cooler “toys.”

  • The Blokart is a lightweight, three-wheeled kart that uses a sail for speed. It was designed in New Zealand by Paul Becket as a recreation product for entire family and can be transported without a trailer.

  • T3Motion announced a consumer version of its electric motor vehicle. The T3 Power Sport a top speed of 12 mph and can go 40 miles on a single charge. A security version of the machine is used by the FBI, CIA and a number of police departments worldwide, the company says. Credit: Reuters

  • The CXC MP II Racing car simulator is a computer-driven full-motion system designed to make you feel like a real race driver hurtling down the track and into tight turns. From the company: “Intensity is fully adjustable, but at maximum settings, jump on a F1 car's gas pedal and acceleration will slam you back into the seat with every shift. Brake hard and you'll pitch forward against your four-point safety harness.”

  • The DTV Shredder or “Dual Tracked Vehicle” is defined by its manufacturer BPG Werks as a gnarly, robust off-road vehicle that can make the outdoors your terrain park. Featuring two tank-treads, skateboard trucks and powerful 4-stroke engine the machine can ride through mud and snow and can carry about 300 pounds.

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