IN PICTURES: Hasbro action figures to commemorate Transformers: Fall of Cybertron game

Decepticons from the Bruticus gestalt in the upcoming Transformers game get immortalised in their very own toys

  • Brawl in vehicle form.

  • Blast Off in vehicle form.

  • To commemorate the upcoming release of the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game by [[xref:|Activision Blizzard|All on Activision Blizzard]], toymaker and owner of the Transformers license, Hasbro, is planning to release toys based on characters in the game. Hasbro will be releasing five new action figures in its Cybertronian form as part of the "Transformers Generations Deluxe" line launching this fall, including the Decepticons Blast-Off, Vortex, Deception Brawl, Swindle, and Onslaught characters from the Combaticon team that join to form the gestalt, Bruticus, just as in the game. The Hasbro figures will be able to change into robot and vehicle modes, as well as a third "combiner" mode in order to link together for the Bruticus figure. Each will be sold separately. All of the Deceptions in the Combaticon team joined together to form the Bruticus gestalt.

  • Vortex in vehicle form.

  • Concept image of Bruticus from the game.

  • Brawl in robot form.

  • Onslaught in robot form.

  • Vortex in robot form.

  • Swindle in vehicle form.

  • Bruticus as he appears in game.

  • Blast Off in robot form.

  • Onslaught in vehicle form.

  • Swindle in robot form.

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