In Pictures: Size matters - a guide to tablets, great and small

From the teensy Galaxy Note to the Motorola Xoom, tablet computers come in all sizes. All prices are in $US.

  • Amazon Kindle Fire Screen size: 7 inches Resolution: 1024x600 pixels Weight: 413 grams Price: $199 The Kindle Fire outsold every tablet except the iPad last quarter and it’s easy to see why: The device was the first to be aggressively priced at $199 at its launch and it benefits from tight integration with Amazon’s cloud services.

  • The Apple iPad 2 Screen size: 9.7 inches Resolution: 1024x768 pixels Weight:608 grams Price: $499 What else is there to say about the iPad? It’s the tablet that started it all by combining the slender build with an intuitive operating system and user interface. Hands-down the most popular tablet in the world today and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future. The frenzy over a possible iPad 3 has been going on for months.

  • Asus Eee Transformer Prime Screen size: 10.1 inches Resolution: 1280x800 pixels Weight: 586 grams Price: $499 The Asus Prime is a nifty Android tablet that plugs directly into its own specially-designed laptop dock, thus giving it dual functionality as both a tablet and a PC.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note Screen size: 5.3 inches Resolution: 1280x800 pixels Weight: 178 grams Price: $649 without a two-year AT&T contract; $299 with contract The Android-based Note debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and is Samsung’s attempt to create a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. Regardless of how you classify it, it’s smaller than any of the tablets listed in this slideshow.

  • Motorola Xoom Screen size: 10.1 inches Resolution: 1280x800 pixels Weight: 708 grams Price: $499 The Xoom may be a 10.1-inch tablet but it’s a heavy sucker, weighing better than 100 grams more than any other tablet we’ve reviewed. The Xoom earns a spot in history as the first tablet to run on Android 3.0 (“Honeycomb”), which was the first version of Android to be specifically tailored for tablets.

  • Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Screen size: 7 inches Resolution: 1024x600 pixels Weight: 400 grams Price: $199 The Nook is B&N’s attempt at creating a tablet that can compete with Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire. The tablets are very similar specs-wise, with the Nook weighing slightly less than its rival.

  • Although Apple’s iPad is the most popular tablet in the world, very few of its competitors have adopted its 9.7-inch screen size. Instead, we typically see tablets with screens of 7 inches at the smaller end and 10.1 inches at the larger end. In fact, the only tablet to adopt Apple’s screen size was the HP Touchpad, which was famously discontinued last summer. In this slideshow we’ll guide you through the various big-name tablets on the market from smallest to largest.

  • HP TouchPad Screen size: 9.7 inches Resolution: 1024x768 Weight: 740 grams Price: Discontinued The HP TouchPad had been just another failed iPad “killer” before HP decided to discontinue it and knock its retail price down to $99. Ding, ding, ding! We suddenly had a winner as the TouchPad’s super-low price made it fly off the shelves. More than anything, the TouchPad showed companies that they could move significant numbers of tablets if they successfully undercut Apple’s prices by a few hundred dollars or so…

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Screen size: 10.1 inches Resolution: 1280x800 pixels Weight: 565 grams Price: $499 The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is pretty remarkable in that it has a larger screen than the iPad 2 but also weighs 35 grams less. This tablet is the largest rendition of Samsung’s popular Galaxy device series.

  • The BlackBerry PlayBook Screen size: 7 inches Resolution: 1024x600 pixels Weight: 425 grams Price: The 16GB model now sells for $199, but originally sold for $499 Ah, what could have been. If Research in Motion had released the PlayBook in its current incarnation – i.e., with a native corporate email application, with a native calendar application and priced at $199 – it could have been a hit. Unfortunately, RIM originally released the PlayBook without those key enterprise features at a price of $499 last year.

  • Ardic Technology’s monster 65-inch Android tablet Screen size: 65 inches Resolution: In the 1920x1080-pixel range Weight: Likely more than 45,000 grams (i.e., in the 90-100 pound range) Price: None So the wacky guys at Turkish startup Ardic Tech last year decided to take a 65-inch LCD television and transform it into a gigantic Android tablet. No, you won’t be able to buy this monster in the near future, but she sure is fun to look at, isn’t she?

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