IN PICTURES: Sydney Gamers League provides a festival atmosphere for gamers and game developers

The Sydney Gamers League (SGL) recently held its LAN event at Rosehill Gardens Exhibition Center in Sydney.

  • The Sydney Gamers League event begins

  • A gamer is relieved after winning one of his matches.

  • A GPU pot that attaches to the stripped graphics card. Liquid nitrogen is poured into the pot.

  • A HoN (Heroes of Newerth) player from Frenetic Array playing his match. Frenetic Array is one of the best teams in the world at HoN.

  • A small overview of the BYOC section of SGL6.

  • A view of the BYOC section, just a few hours after opening the doors to the event.

  • Another view of the ROG Fridge PC by Karma IT.

  • ASUS was a sponsor of the event and brought its latest ROG (Republic of Gamers) gaming gear.

  • ASUS was a sponsor of the event and brought its latest ROG gaming gear.

  • Gamestah live commentating the games on the Internet.

  • Karma IT and his ROG-themed custom performance PC-2.

  • Pouring the -196 degrees Celsius liquid nitrogen. The CPU is an Intel Core i7 3960X, with an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and an ASUS 7970 graphics card.

  • A DJ Deadmau5-influenced helmet brought to the event by an attendee.

  • Spectators watching the semi-finals of Call of Duty 4.

  • The Battlefield 3 division of Exile5, winners of the tournament.

  • The guys from TeamAU demonstrating to attendees liquid nitrogen overclocking.

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