In pictures: Sony's PlayStation Vita launch party, Sydney

Sony held it's PS Vita launch party in Sydney... on a barge no less.

  • On Tuesday, Sony invited guests along to an exclusive PlayStation Vita launch party.

    The vendor hired out two separate barges, one to house the attendees while the other was for the entertainment.

    In between consuming alcohol, munching on canapes, socialising and admiring the harbour views, guests were able to experience the PS Vita along with games that will be released with the console on Thursday.

  • One lone DJ provided the music through most of the evening.

  • Attendees were shipped from the Man O War Steps Wharf at the Sydney Opera House to a barge where the PS Vita party was being held.

  • Attendees were shipped from the Man O War Steps Wharf at the Sydney Opera House to a barge where the PS Vita party was being held.

  • The crowd trickled in as the sun went down. Attendees were given a complementary mojito upon entry.

  • The PS Vita in all its glory.

  • Sony had games displayed in three separate booths. 'Sony's little helpers' were on hand to aid attendees with operating the PS Vitas. (They're not actually called that... but they should be).

  • Along with in-house games, Sony had third-party titles on show, including Rayman Origins, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and ....

  • Attendee tries his hand at Marvel vs Capcom 3.

  • People huddled around the booths to play the PS Vita.

  • There were beds at the party. Not really sure why but it's presumably for people to rest after exhausting themselves by playing with the PS Vita.

    I can't think of any other possible reason as to why there were beds there...

  • A telescope in case you wanted to see the pretty female DJ up close and personal.

  • Sony had a message board set up for people to scribble their messages onto. Some were a little more creative than others.

  • The proud artist with his final product.

  • Sony's little helpers worked tirelessly to demonstrate the PS Vita to guests throughout the night.

  • Spotting all the PlayStation motifs littered around the venue was made me feel like I was reading Where's Wally?

  • The fearless DJ played into the night. I guess there was no way to escape anyway because, you know, she's on a barge.

  • The views got better as the darkness rolled in...

  • ... So did the PS Vita.

  • Sony Computer Entertainment managing director A/NZ, Michael Ephraim, gives his speech on the PS Vita.

  • Even as the rain pours down, the speech continues.

  • The PS Vita party reached its crescendo with a dazzling display of fireworks.

  • But wait, there's more. Sony called in local music duo, Empire of the Sun, to DJ at the event. Seemed like a bit of a waste considering they were all dressed up only to be figuratively chained to the DJ decks.

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