Best Free Android Apps for Toddlers

Five of the best free Android apps for small children

  • [[xref:|Kids Socks| Kids Socks Android App]] This is another matching game – this time [no prizes for guessing] with socks. Selecting which sock needs to go from the pile to join its counterpart on the washing line is a great way to help kids in building pattern and colour recognition. The sounds and ultra-enthusiastic appreciative voices on correct matches spur kids on to play again.

  • [[xref:|Kids Preschool|Kids Preschool Android App]] This is a tablet version of the jigsaw puzzle with a range of brightly coloured pieces and a nice selection of animals, objects numbers and letters. This one requires a little more patience for kids because the pieces don’t click into place unless you place them right on top of the correct spot. Nevertheless an engaging – and free – app with little advertising and a good educational angle.

  • [[xref:|Talking Tom Cat|Talking Tom Cat Android App]] Tom cat’s big green eyes and his ability to mimic every word your child says make this a sure winner for capturing their attention. Stroke him and he purs, tap him in the head and he eventually falls over, with stars flying around his head and laughs all round. The ads in the free version are a little intrusive so it is well worth the few bucks to go for the paid version.

  • [[xref:|Kids Match’em| Kids Match’em]] Kids Match’em is a memory game, with twelve cards that kids need to turn over in pairs to match. The vibrant colours and fun characters make Kids Match’em a great way to enhance short-term memory, and your toddler will probably surprise you with a better memory than you have!

  • [[xref:|Kids Doodle|Kids Doodle Android App]] The touch-screen lends itself perfectly to drawing apps and this app lets you easily draw beautiful pictures (or lines and scribbles, depending on your age) with multi-coloured neon lines. The colours are so pretty it’s actually quite easy for an adult to spend time drawing on this one. For the benefit of the toddler, of course.

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