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  • Following the integration of GamePro content into the PC World website in December 2010, the Good Gear Guide team has expanded its focus to covering the latest video game industry experts, in addition to reviewing the most recently-released gaming titles. As part of Good Gear Guide's ongoing video game coverage, we regularly conduct interviews with leading figures in the video game industry, both from the past and the present. Whether it is Australian distributors, overseas developers or multinational publishers, Good Gear Guide is out there talking to them.

  • [[artnid:560608|BioWare creative director, Mike Laidlaw]], talks about where Inquisition fits into the Dragon Age franchise.

  • [[artnid:560300|Alienware product planning director, Joe Olmsted]], talks about the vendor’s plans for its Steam Machine.

  • [[artnid:559004|Maxis producer, Graham Nardone]], talks about what’s new for the Sims the fourth time around.

  • [[artnid:541085|CD Projekt RED gameplay designer, Andrzej Kwiatkowski]], talks about the final chapter in the Witcher trilogy.

  • [[artnid:542693|Senior artist, Trevor Grimshaw, and producer, Matt Powers]], talk about the unique Dreamcast title.

  • [[artnid:552089|Ubisoft Montreal producer, Jean-Francois Poirier]], talks about the creation of the adventure title.

  • [[artnid:537535|Former Australian Formula One driver, Alan Jones]], shares whether his car was created with the realism and performance that he expected.

  • [[artnid:537324|Eidos Montreal game director, Nicolas Cantin]], talks about the revival of the franchise.

  • [[artnid:534503|Turn 10 Studios creative director, Dan Greenawalt]], talks about the technological improvements in the game

  • [[artnid:534193|EA producer, Peter Trenouth]], talks about how the soccer (football) franchise stands out from last year’s installment.

  • [[artnid:529064|Respawn Entertainment community manager, Abbie Heppe]], talks about first person shooters moving from the warzone and into the future.

  • [[artnid:528885|Crytek producer, Michael Read]], talks about taking a break from first person shooters to explore ancient Rome.

  • [[artnid:528510|Capcom Vancouver producer, Mike Jones]], talks about the development of the third instalment of the horror franchise

  • [[artnid:528284|Flat Earth Games founders, Leigh and Rohan Harris]], to talk about the challenges and opportunities of developing a mobile game.

  • [[artnid:522937|Ubisoft Quebec producer, Stephane Jankowski]], shares insight into the development of the free card game.

  • [[artnid:466402| PR and marketing department head, Trevor Longino]], talks about the difficulty of making old games playable today.

  • [[artnid:459993|Ubisoft production marketing manager, Aymeric Evennou]], talks about the Western series.

  • [[artnid:459706|Ubisoft creative director, Erwan le Breton]], talks about the return of the classic RPG series.

  • [[artnid:459575|VectorCell creative director, Paul Cuisset]], talks about the bringing Flashback back in HD.

  • [[artnid:459427|Ubisoft creative director, Dean Evans]], talks about 80s nostalgia with Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

  • [[artnid:459045|EA mobile general manager, Mark Fordham]], talks about the Simpsons smartphone game and mobile gaming in general.

  • [[artnid:455488|FireMonkeys development director, Kynan Woodman]], talks about the third instalment of the mobile racer

  • [[artnid:455106|AMD Asia Pacific and Japan managing director and corporate vice president, David Kwon]], talks about the vendor’s role in gaming

  • [[artnid:454507|Irrational Games design director, Bill Gardner]], talks about the journey to Columbia.

  • [[artnid:453897|Visceral Games producer, John Calhoun]], talks about surviving in space.

  • [[artnid:453508|Gearbox Software lead level designer, Graeme Timmins]], talks about fighting Xenomorphs.

  • [[artnid:451723|EA A/NZ general manager, Rob Davey]], talks about the gaming industry.

  • [[artnid:445965|Ubisoft APAC regional online group manager, Matthew Tang]], talks about the current state of gaming.

  • [[artnid:445283|Crytek producer, Michael Elliot Read]], talks about the return of Prophet.

  • [[artnid:445006|Insomniac Games creative director, Brian Allgeier]], talks about about the new game property.

  • [[artnid:444763|Maxis producer, Jason Haber]], talks about the return of the city management sim.

  • [[artnid:444424|Crystal Dynamics senior art director, Brian Horton]], talks about reimagining Lara Croft.

  • [[artnid:441753|Black Forest Games’ Jean-Marc Haessig and Adrian Goersch|]], talks about game development and Kickstarter.

  • [[artnid:439699|Firemonkeys associate producer, Michael de Graaf]], talks about new Need for Speed game for mobile devices.

  • [[artnid:439424|IO Interactive art director, Roberto Marchesi]], talks about the return of Agent 47.

  • [[artnid:438693|Danger Close multiplayer creative director, Kristoffer Bergqvist]], talks about the sequel to 2010's Medal of Honor.

  • [[xref:|Criterion producer, Leanne Loombe]], talks about the follow-up to 2010's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

  • [[artnid:429789|Microsoft group category manager, Jeremy Hinton]], talks about the original Xbox launch and success of the Xbox 360.

  • [[artnid:433516|Sims 3: Supernatural assistant producer, Megan Myers]], talks about the latest Sims expansion pack.

  • [[artnid:434514|Firemonkeys general manager, Tony Lay]], talks about how the merger of the two game studios.

  • [[artnid:428310|Relic Entertainment game director, Quinn Duffy]], talks about Company of Heroes and Homeworld.

  • [[artnid:422519|Capcom video game director, Hideaki Itsuno]], talks about Dragon’s Dogma, life at the developer, and a sequel to Rival Schools.

  • [[artnid:421299|Vigil Games producer, Jay Fitzloff]], talks about Darksiders and the developer's hopes for the sequel.

  • [[artnid:420669|3dfx channel sales and marketing vice president, John Gunn]], talks about PC gaming, the Dreamcast, and why NVIDIA won.

  • [[artnid:420179|BioWare associate project manager, Robyn Théberge]], talks about Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

  • [[artnid:417744|IronMonkey Studios design director, Jarrad Trudgen]], talks about iOS game development and Mass Effect: Infiltrator.

  • [[artnid:418191|Sony Computer Entertainment Australia content services manager, Nino Kalogeropoulos]], talks about all things PlayStation.

  • [[artnid:417757|Radical Entertainment producer, Jonathan Lim]], talks about creating Simpsons games, the legacy of Scarface, and the popularity of Prototype.

  • [[artnid:419741|Firemint project lead, Ptolemy Oberin]], talks about making iPhone games and Flight Control Rocket.

  • [[artnid:416283|Ratbag Games CEO, Greg Siegele]], talks about Powerslide, console development and evolution of the industry.

  • [[artnid:416007|Ubisoft Montreal creative director, Jean-Marc Geffroy]], talks about the art design of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

  • [[artnid:412491|Sega Technical Institute lead designer, Chris Senn]], talks about Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive.

  • [[artnid:409679|GT Interactive managing director, Edward Fong, and senior product manager, Aaron Younger]], talk about the frontier days of Australian game distribution.

  • [[artnid:409829|3DO software engineer, Doug Lanford]], talks about the house that Trip Hawkins built.

  • We talk to [[artnid:409671|Psygnosis producer and worldwide acquisitions manager, Mark Cochrane]], about the company’s PlayStation era.

  • [[artnid:408813|Kojima Productions assistant producer, Ryan Payton]], talks about life at Japan's premiere video game company.

  • [[artnid:408345|Ozisoft national sales and marketing manager, Tim Allison]], talks about the glory days of Sega in Australia.

  • [[artnid:408047|SingleTrac senior programmer, Jay Barnson]], talks about the studio that brought Twisted Metal and Warhawk.

  • [[artnid:407889|Play-Asia director, Jan Neuhaeusser]], talks about the opportunities and challenges in online video game retailing.

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