'Tis the season: 12 Christmas TV bargains

Check out our list of the best deals on LED, LCD and plasma TVs, large and small, for this Christmas

  • If you're using Christmas as a convenient excuse to pick up a new television, you don't have to blow all your cash -- you can still find a bargain and pick up a big TV without having to fill the kids' stockings with coal. One of the hands-down best deals we've found this Christmas is for LG's top 55in LED TV, [[xref:|the LW9500]]. It's an excellent screen and has a set of features to rival any other TV this year, but to see it — this is a 55in screen, remember — for [[xref:|less than $1500]] is amazing. It normally retails for about $2700. It's so good we're not sure that it's not actually a misprint.

  • One of our other top bargain picks is this 50in [[xref:|LG 50PZ650 plasma TV]] - it's got Web features and supports 3D, and is a large-room-friendly 50in size with 1080p Full HD resolution. Best of all, it's [[xref:|under $800]] -- we think you could get it ever so slightly cheaper with a bit of haggling.

  • Next up on the bargain list is [[xref:|this 32in Sony CX520 LCD TV]]. It's not an LED model, but it's still Full HD and can connect to the Internet to watch Web videos from services like YouTube and ABC iView. You can find it for [[xref:|less than $450]].

  • If you want to spend $50 more, you can also get this [[xref:|Sony EX420]] -- the same features, but a slightly better picture and lower power consumption — for [[xref:|about $500]].

  • Samsung's Series 6 LED TVs offer good value for money — they're slim and good-looking with good picture quality and a reasonable range of features. You could pick up a [[xref:|40in Samsung UA40D6000]] for [[xref:|under $1000]], a huge saving off the $1699 RRP.

  • If you want a high-end TV in a small screen size, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal than [[xref:|this Sony NX720]]. It's very nearly as good as the best Sony TVs that have come out this year, but you can buy it in a 40in screen size [[xref:|for less than $1500]].

  • [[xref:|LG's LW6500]] is one of the best televisions to come out this year, if you take all of its features and low price into account. We're astonished to see its 42in model [[xref:|for less than $1500]]. It's not as great a deal as the LG LW9500 we first pointed out, of course...

  • Panasonic's plasma TVs have always been excellent, and the top-of-the-line VT30 model is no exception. The largest 65in model variant is a behemoth -- you'll need a large room to put it in -- but [[xref:|at less than $5000]] it's hard to say no. It's got some of the best 3D video features and picture quality you'll see in any TV this year.

  • Sharp is often overlooked in the LED TV scene, because it's overshadowed by LG, Sony and Samsung. We'd give the company exposure for the good value of its [[xref:|40in LE830X Quattron LED TV]]: you can pick it up for [[xref:|less than $900]], which is a steal for its 200Hz image refresh rate, clear picture and vibrant colour palette.

  • Cheap big-screen plasma TVs are all the rage; you don't need to spend a lot of money to get a big Full HD TV. [[xref:|LG's PV250]] is a good example of this: a 60in screen that's Full HD with a thin bezel, for [[xref:|under $1400]]. Merry Christmas!

  • One step down from the best Sharp TV you can get, [[xref:|the LE630X]] is still a solid LED TV with good picture quality. This one's huge, too: 60in [[xref:|for under $1500]]. A seven-star energy rating goes to show how efficient Sharp's LED TVs are.

  • It's not what we'd call cheap, but the 64in version of Samsung's excellent [[xref:|Series 8 3D plasma TV]] is an excellent screen. The best set of features that money can buy, nearly-perfect 2D and 3D video, and a jaw-droppingly gorgeous design all combine to create a TV that's worth buying no matter its price tag. If you do feel like shelling out a few pennies, you'll find it for [[xref:|less than $3500]] -- we say buy it alongside another piece of tech for an extra discount.

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