Top Christmas gifts: iPad accessories

Here are 10 cool iPad accessories that won't blow your budget

  • iCade Arcade Cabinet for iPad

    Everybody loves retro games and there are plenty available on the App Store for iPad owners to enjoy. But nothing will come as close to replicating an arcade game experience as the [[xref:|iCade Arcade Cabinet]] (US$79.95). Its a miniature, wooden, arcade-style cabinet complete with joystick and buttons. Simply slide your iPad or iPad 2 into the cradle and it's game on.
  • Logitech iPad 2 keyboard case by ZAGG

    Tablets are great for consuming content, but let's be honest, there's nothing that can replicate typing on a real keyboard. If you own an iPad 2, you can solve that problem with the the [[xref:|Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by ZAGG]] ($129.95). It has a thin design that doubles as a case when you're not using your tablet. It's made from aluminum and the iPad 2 can be slotted into the case in either portrait or landscape mode.
  • Miniot Wooden Smart Cover for iPad 2

    Apple has released a range of multicoloured, leather and polyurethane Smart Covers for the iPad 2 but third-party manufacturers can customise your iPad 2 even further. A great example is the [[xref:|Minot Wooden Smart Cover for iPad 2]] (US$70). Yes, it's made from real wood. It also has a black undersuade lining to protect your iPad from scratches and comes in five different wood "species".
  • Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad 2

    There are multiple uses for the iPad, but one of the most popular seems to be in the kitchen. The [[xref:|Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad 2]] ($39.95) lets you mount your iPad 2 on the fridge. It requires no tools or hardware to install — simply stick the included 3M command strips onto the fridge and then slide the iPad 2 into the case.
  • Valet Seat Bolt Mount for iPad

    What do you give to someone who can't live without their iPad? [[xref:|Joy's Valet Seat Bolt Mount for iPad 2]] (US$149.95). This nifty invention allows you to mount and use an iPad 2 in your car. It bolts to the same mount that holds your seat belt in, is made from lightweight carbon-fibre, and has a flexible arm that can be adjusted to any height or angle. Just don't watch movies while you're driving, please.
  • Griffin CinemaSeat 2

    The iPad is a pretty versatile device. It can be used in the home, on commutes and even in the car. [[xref:|Griffin's CinemaSeat 2]] ($49.95) lets you mount your iPad to the headrest in your car, so backseat passengers get the best view. It has an adjustable strap that should fit any car seat and the case doesn't hinder access to the display, the controls or the headphone jack. Now nobody will ask "are we there yet?"
  • Numark iDJ Live

    Everybody secretively wants to be a DJ. If you own an iPad 2, you can take reveal that secret to the world with [[xref:|Numark's iDJ Live accessory]] (US$100). It gives your iPad real DJ controls including two performance platters, a central mixer section with a crossfader, buttons and knobs, and an audio cable to connect to speakers and headphones. Though its not designed to appeal to professionals, if you're a casual user who likes to mix your own beats, iDJ Live will be perfect for you.
  • Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad

    Two common complains about the iPad are that it's hard to stand up and the speaker isn't the best for music playback. Logitech is aiming to solve both of these issues with its [[xref:|Speaker Stand for iPad]] ($99.95). It will charge the iPad and has an adjustable viewing angle so you can tilt the iPad at multiple angles for video playback. It also has a standard 3.5mm audio jack to connect other devices, like mobile phones or MP3 players.
  • Typo All Tied Up iPad cover

    Everyone will need a case for their shiny new tablet but lets be honest, most of them are pretty boring. Step back in time with [[xref:|Typo's All Tied Up iPad cover]] ($24.95). It has a vintage look and feel that's topped off by a tied up elastic band. It will fit both models of the iPad, as well as most other 10in tablets.
  • Scribbly Marker Pen

    Steve Jobs absolutely hated the stylus, but there are plenty of users who want to draw, take notes and scribble on their iPad using something other than their fingertips. Enter the [[xref:|Scribbly]] ($TBA). It's a stylus for the iPad that looks exactly like a thick texta: the company says its thicker size makes it easier to grip. It also makes it look rather fun, too. Scribbly will be available to purchase online in December, with the price yet to be announced. We expect it should set you back around $25 or $30.
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