Invisible touch interface creates multitouch 'force field'

ZeroTouch can turn a traditional computer monitor into a multi-touch screen

  • The ZeroTouch multi-touch system is made of 256 IR sensors, similar to what's found in television remote controls. The sensors line the frame and create a web of invisible light in its center.

  • By suspending ZeroTouch from the air, users can paint on a virtual canvas. Color choices are controlled on an iPhone, while brush thickness is controlled by how much enters the frame. A finger would create a narrow brush while a whole hand or arm would make a wide one.

  • ZeroTouch is a multi-touch interface that uses infrared sensors to detect touch and movement. It's on dispplay at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver.

  • When something enters the ZeroTouch frame, the computer can track it. This is a close up of what the computer sees when ZeroTouch is being used.

  • When ZeroTouch is placed over a computer screen it turns a traditional display into a multi-touch surface.

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