In pictures: The first 10 minutes of Portal 2

We show off some screenshots from Portal 2's first couple of test chambers

  • Cube, button, portal — everything you need for a good time at Aperture Science.

  • After you wake up from a (rather long) nap, things have changed quite a bit.

  • If you're stuck at work until 5PM, and can't get home to play Portal 2 — even if you've got [[artnid:383729|an early copy]] — feast your eyes on a couple of screenshots from the game's first 10 minutes. We put ourselves through the strenuous exercise of playing the game mere seconds after it was released, purely for your sake: you'll get to see the game's opening scenes, as well as a few snippets from some early test chambers.

  • "This is art."

  • When you start the game, you're greeted with the friendly — if slightly dilapidated — vista of your living quarters.

  • The second Aperture Science test chamber is a little overgrown. But, everything is otherwise in order.

  • The most direct exit is through this rather sturdy wall. We won't spoil how you make it through...

  • A knock on the door reveals your new friend — [[xref:|it's Wheatley!]]

  • Your living quarters in Portal 2.

  • Wheatley's approach to fixing things is apparently to move your entire living quarters out of harm's way.

  • Slightly down the track is the first test chamber. Does this look familiar at all?

  • Portal 2's main menu screen.

  • We won't spoil the rest of the game, but we hope you've enjoyed taking a quick look at the first few levels of Portal 2. Now get home and play it!

  • Wheatley shares a little information about your current... predicament.

  • ...but not before accidentally knocking it around a little.

  • ...but suffice to say you end up in a slightly damaged chamber, eerily similar to one that Portal players will be familiar with from the first game.

  • It may look mostly the same, but time hasn't been kind to the Aperture Science laboratories.

  • It's a bit dark and gloomy here. Are those [[xref:|panels]] we can see on the walls?

  • A quick trip through an Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grid later, and you're presented with a lift to take you to the next chamber.

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