Top 5 indie games of 2010

We pick out five of the best independently produced video games from 2010

  • 2010 saw some great games released from big publishers, but independent producers also brought plenty of amazing concepts into public view. We've picked out what we thought were the five most interesting, innovative and downright fun indie games of 2010. They're in no particular order, and you may disagree entirely — let us know if we've left out something unmissable, or if one of our choices was a pointless waste of your hard-earned dollars.

  • [[xref:|Minecraft]]: To be honest, Minecraft was a bit of a no-brainer for inclusion in our list. Build anything you can think of, look at your friends' creations and hide away from [[xref:|creepers]]. The game has a massive online following, but you can be equally at home building and exploring your own private offline world. It's enjoyed massive commercial success and transformed its sole creator, Markus Persson a.k.a 'Notch', into multi-millionaire indie game royalty.
  • [[xref:|Super Meat Boy]]: Take a strong dose of inspiration from Super Mario, sprinkle it over 300 levels of great platform terrain, and add a small cube of meat. Its retro art style and properly challenging gameplay won over a lot of fans and garnered a score of 90/100 on Metacritic.
  • [[xref:|Limbo]]: This Xbox Live Arcade game dealt with some pretty confronting topics over its admittedly short game length. Its dark noir style and quest for a missing sister pulled heartstrings, and the ambient soundtrack creeps us out every time. It's not especially hard, but it's visually stunning and emotionally haunting.
  • [[xref:|Digital: A Love Story]]: We played the Mac version of Digital: A Love Story when it came out. While we've no doubt that playing on Linux would have been a more authentic experience, we had a blast nonetheless. The game is effectively an interactive novel — as the player you're logging onto innumerable bulletin board systems (BBSes) in 1988 to uncover a thrilling mystery. We won't spoil it by saying more, but it's free — set aside a night and you won't be disappointed.
  • [[xref:|Give Up Robot 2]]: Yep, that's right, an online game. We became absolutely obsessed with Give Up Robot 2 despite cottoning onto it rather late. It's incredibly fun, the music is catchy and the on-screen narrative and writing often tends to the hilarious. Do yourself a favour and give it a go.

    Am I overbearicg, robot? Do I come acVoss as Veedy?
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