In pictures: Samsung's LED and plasma TVs from CES 2011

We take the wraps off Samsung's newest TVs

  • Like most Samsung TVs released in 2010, the 2011 models will be compatible with this add-on Skype camera that turns the television into a giant webcam.

  • The [[artnid:373865|Samsung Series 6 plasma TV]] will probably be the cheapest Samsung TV to display 3D TV and movies. We think it'll probably be excellent value when it's released in April 2011.

  • The [[artnid:373608|Series 6 LED TV]] from Samsung is the cheapest LED TV to have 3D playback in the company's 2011 model line-up. It's compatible with Samsung's Bluetooth-connected 3D glasses.

  • This touchscreen remote control is bundled with the [[artnid:373313|Samsung Series 8 TVs]], but will likely work with the cheaper [[artnid:373457|Series 7]] and [[artnid:373865|Series 6]] models.

  • The [[artnid:373313|Samsung Series 8 LED TV]] is the top Samsung television shown off at CES 2011. It's got a bezel that's barely 5mm thick, in-built Wi-Fi and comes with a touchscreen colour remote control.

  • The top plasma TV on offer is the[[artnid:373618|Samsung Series 8 plasma TV]]. It's got all of the important features of the [[artnid:37333|Series 8 LED]], looks just as good and might even be a bit cheaper.

  • [[artnid:373457|Samsung's Series 7 LED TV]] has almost all of the features of the top [[artnid:373313|Series 8]], including Wi-Fi, Samsung's range of downloadable apps and video streaming software.

  • Samsung's new active shutter 3D glasses are Bluetooth-enabled, so they don't have to maintain a line of sight to the TV to stay synced and working.

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