Android: The next generation

CES 2011: Leaders in the new Android generation

Android: The next generation next


Motorola Atrix 4G

The Android 2.2-based Atrix 4G is a typical Android smartphone; even its dual processors and 4G radio support are common in the new generation of Androids. But what makes it truly innovative is its docking capability. The optional laptop dock, into which you physically insert the Atrix, gives you an 11.6-inch screen with Firefox 3.6 desktop browser and full keyboard, so you can surf the Web in the large view that PC and iPad users prefer. When updated to Android 3.0, the Atrix should run tablet-oriented apps that also take advantage of the PC-like screen and keyboard. A separate dock includes an HDMI port that lets you use a TV or computer monitor instead, plus three USB ports for other peripherals.
Developer: Motorola Mobility
U.S. network: AT&T Wireless
Price: Unknown
Release date: Unknown

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Android: The next generation

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