The 32 Best Xbox 360 Games

GamePro has sorted through hundreds of titles to bring you 32 of the best Xbox 360 games that we've seen on the console so far

  • 1 [[xref:|Gears of War 2|Gears of War 2]]

    Gears of War 2 is bloody, brutal, and possibly the best action game to hit the Xbox 360 yet. Taking the role of Marcus Fenix, you and a troop of elite, alien-killing super marines will shoot, punch, stomp, claw, and tear your way through the Earth itself in a jaw-dropping fight against the Locust Horde that infests the very core of their once peaceful planet. Believe us, this game is a marathon of gore, blood, and titanic explosions that has no peer, and Gears of War 2 remains our top pick among the very best Xbox 360 games around today.
  • 31 [[xref:|Castlevania: Lords of Shadow|Castlevania: Lords of Shadow]]

    Completely rebooting the Castlevania franchise, Lords of Shadow takes the series back to older times, with enigmatic whip-wielders and classic monsters of the night. While not the first Castlevania title to go 3D, Lords of Shadow achieves the style of past games in the series, with whip-based combat and heavy platforming. Throw in some boss battles with impossibly large demons and giants, and Lords of Shadow starts to feel like a classic adventure. Man-eating spiders, goblins, vampires, and many more creatures stand between Gabriel and his prize, and the journey to the end kicks off an interesting twist for the series as a whole.
  • 32 [[xref:|Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit|Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit]]

    Criterion's past experience is put to great use in its first lap with the Need for Speed franchise in Hot Pursuit—a game that bears many of the familiar hallmarks of the Burnout franchise. Aggressive takedowns of other racers and pursuing police cars function similarly in Hot Pursuit, and are likewise capped off by excessive, slow-motion depictions of destruction porn. Most notably, in a market filled with arcade racers like Split/Second and Blur, the game still feels like a true original.
  • 30 [[xref:|Dead Rising 2|Dead Rising 2]]

    Dead Rising 2 throws tons of zombies on the screen at once, up to thousands of them at a time. With the game's new "combo" system, simply smashing through dense crowds of undead has a new flair to it, as you can create new and exciting weapons that can really make the bodies hit the floor. Aside from random mayhem and helping survivors, there's always the Case Files to tend to, which help get to the bottom of the mystery of the zombie outbreak. There's tons of stuff to unlock, psychotic bosses to fight, and more. Dead Rising 2, like the previous game, is one you'll want to play again and again just to see everything.
  • 30 [[xref:|Dead Rising 2|Dead Rising 2]]

    Dead Rising 2 throws tons of zombies on the screen at once, up to thousands of them at a time. With the game's new "combo" system, simply smashing through dense crowds of undead has a new flair to it, as you can create new and exciting weapons that can really make the bodies hit the floor. Aside from random mayhem and helping survivors, there's always the Case Files to tend to, which help get to the bottom of the mystery of the zombie outbreak. There's tons of stuff to unlock, psychotic bosses to fight, and more. Dead Rising 2, like the previous game, is one you'll want to play again and again just to see everything.
  • 28 [[xref:|The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion|The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion]]

    "Massive" isn't a big enough word for the fourth incarnation in the popular Elder Scrolls role-playing series, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. As you traversed the world of Cyrodil, you could truly create a life of your own — mine caverns, learn trade skills, fight bandits... the scope alone of what's possible in Oblivion is simply astonishing, and this amazing adventure is still unprecedented in both size and scale. If you're looking to get immersed in a deep fantasy, your ticket to a new world is hidden in one of the best Xbox 360 games yet.
  • 27 [[xref:|UFC Undisputed 2010|UFC Undisputed 2010]]

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship's follow-up to the 2009 Undisputed changes everything from the ground up, with a tweaked combat system, revamped controls, and a fleshed out career mode that essentially mirrors the feeling of grinding through the minor leagues of mixed martial arts (MMA) to signing with the big show. Aside from packing a bigger roster of fighters, UFC 2010 also shows that the development team spent some time in the gym, with a modified stand-up game that incorporates dodging and swaying. New fighting styles like Karate and Greco-Roman Wrestling add some more tactics to Octagon fights, and a variety of extra combat animations lend to the realistic nature of the game's several in-ring match-ups. If you're a fight fan, UFC 2010 will make you brush up on some fundamentals.
  • 26 [[xref:|Left 4 Dead 2|Left 4 Dead 2]]

    In most survival horror games, zombies are a pesky nuisance at best, and a temporary obstacle at worst. , featuring gruesome goons like Hunters, Tanks, and Chargers, will reacquaint you with your itchy trigger finger in a hurry. In this co-op first person survival marathon gone mad, the Infected will chase your motley gang of Survivors with all the gusto of Olympic track runners, and having as many players as possible behind the controllers is indubitably the best way to survive. If you missed the previous Left 4 Dead, get ready to experience one of the best story-driven horror series on shelves now. Oh, and trust us, you don't want to startle the Witches.
  • 25 [[xref:|Battlefield: Bad Company 2|Battlefield: Bad Company 2]]

    Even if you consider it Electronic Arts' answer to Modern Warfare, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still offers a lot more than the average war combat game, offering multiplayer maps that emulate environments from the Panama Canal to the Alaskan Rockies to the dense jungles of South America. Bad Company 2 also includes a single-player story that takes your squad of commandos from Bolivia to Chile to Colombia. Alongside the plot of an alternate Present Day that sees the Russian government launching a world-wide military invasion of its neighboring countries, it's a wild take on modern war that only Battlefield could do. Come for the multiplayer, stay for everything else.
  • 24 [[xref:|Dance Central|Dance Central]]

    Dance Central — one of the premiere launch titles of the Kinect lineup — can really teach you some moves. Paired with Microsoft's intuitive new motion based gameplay device, Dance Central is built to track every movement of your body, from side shuffles to pop-and-locks. Each song in the lineup comes with a custom tutorial, so the patient gamer will have every opportunity to learn the right steps to conquering Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" or Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." Six hundred dance moves in all can be matched and mastered with Dance Central, and with more songs on the way via downloadable content, this game could get a lot more people feeling the "motion control" groove.
  • 23 [[xref:|Super Street Fighter IV|Super Street Fighter IV]]

    A quick follow-up sequel to one of the best fighting games in years, Super Street Fighter IV is everything its predecessor was and more. Ten new characters, improved online gameplay, and new bonus stages all come in this stacked update — including the good 'ol "destroy the car" challenge from Street Fighter II and III. Moreover, Capcom also gave the fighting engine in SSFIV a bit of a tune-up, with new special moves, new Ultra Combos, and subtle tweaks everywhere else to give the World Warriors just a little more balance.
  • 22 [[xref:|Forza Motorsport 3|Forza Motorsport 3]]

    It's no understatement that racing simulators are built for only the strictest of car fanatics. That's why Forza Motorsport 3 is the Holy Grail for anyone who spends hours trying to shave seconds off of their best lap times. Packing almost 10 times the graphical power of the series' previous title, Forza Motorsport 3 also breaks the bank with over 400 customizable cars, from old school roasters to the brand new class of sooped-up rally racers that have become so popular in the drift scene. With the ability to detail every single nut and bolt on your chosen ride, from 1970s Mustangs to the classic 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex to the new Mitsubishi Lancers, your personal garage can be anything you want it to be.
  • 21 [[xref:|Alan Wake|Alan Wake]]

    Remedy Entertainment's stab at the survival horror genre focuses on the titular character, Alan Wake, a famous novelist searching for a way to curb his writer's block. Unfortunately, the town of Bright Falls, Washington isn't the ideal place for a vacation, as a dark force steals away Alan's wife and separates the town from the rest of the world. The real danger is the town citizens corrupted by the malevolent force of darkness.Coupled with gameplay that focuses heavily on using ambient light (or spontaneous sources of it) to combat the dark beings of the night, Alan Wake is a horror story come to life, with plenty of dramatic atmosphere all around.
  • 20 [[xref:|Enslaved: Odyssey to the West|Enslaved: Odyssey to the West]]

    As main protagonist "Monkey," you'll traverse the land that used to be the United States while bodyguarding Trip, a young woman with unparalleled technical brilliance. Monkey is a muscular powerhouse with a knack for dismembering killer robots, but Trip is the brains out of the outfit, pointing out traps and potential targets along the way, while also holding Monkey's metaphorical leash by way of a cybernetic headband. More than a simple escort adventure, Enslaved makes real effort in telling a story — the relationship between Monkey and Trip is the key focus here, and as you travel the world with them, their banter-filled teamwork adds to an interesting tale.
  • 19 [[xref:|Bioshock 2|Bioshock 2]]

    Taking the role of Delta, an amnesiac prototype Big Daddy awoken in a Rapture that has decayed for over a decade, Bioshock 2 puts the power in your hands as you search for your missing Little Sister companion. Bioshock 2 also features a multiplayer mode with its own story, detailing the fall of Rapture during its civil war. Not only can you play the role of a BIg Daddy, but you can also play the game as one of several Splicer characters — each one with the ability to gain Plasmids and extra weaponry. It's a welcome touch to see Bioshock 2 bring multiplayer to Rapture, and with unique modes like "Capture the Sister" and "Team ADAM Grab," it's got an identity completely unique to the game's world.
  • 18 [[xref:|Fallout: New Vegas|Fallout: New Vegas]]

    What Fallout 3 established with the series's "do anything, go anywhere" style of gameplay, New Vegas drives the points further home with harsh environment of the Mojave Desert. The New California Republic may be rife with casinos and entertainment, courtesy of the Vegas Strip, but survival is still the chief gameplay mechanic here. Along with the usual tasks of scavenging for what you need to protect yourself against mutants, crooks, and occasional mutant bovine, more hardcore gamers can also challenge themselves with the Survival Mode, or simply take part in the various quests that affect the allegiances of New Vegas.
  • 17 [[xref:|Bayonetta|Bayonetta]]

    Taking a page or two from Devil May Cry (which, like this title, was also directed by Hideki Kamiya), Bayonetta features the titular character in an explosive battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell. Luckily, Bayonetta's just as deadly as she is sexy, with the ability to wield guns on her hands and feet, along with the ability to summon demons of her own with her magical powers. All of this translates to fast paced, combo-heavy combat, complete with bondage-slash-torture style finishing moves and "Witch Time" attacks that severely test your reflexes and button mashing skills. Bayonetta doesn't let up for a second, and the entire game just gets crazier the further you go.
  • 16 [[xref:|Dead Space|Dead Space]]

    Visceral Games pretty much dethroned Capcom's longstanding undead-hunting franchise Resident Evil as the king of the survival-horror genre when they released their blood-curdling masterpiece in terror, Dead Space. It wasn't the fact that Dead Space approached survival-horror in an all-new way — the game actually borrowed quite a bit from Resident Evil 4 in terms of building tensions and revamped combat controls. What made Dead Space so terrifying was the dread-soaked atmosphere, the mood of being alone in space, and the disgusting mutated passengers infesting the mining ship you're stuck on — twisted remains of living flesh that only got increasingly grotesque and more frightening the deeper into space you went
  • 15 [[xref:|Call of Duty: Black Ops|Call of Duty: Black Ops]]

    Call of Duty: Black Ops may not continue the modern guerilla combat motif of the last two blockbuster games, but Treyarch's take on the Cold War still feels incredibly fresh. Taking the role of special forces operative Alex Mason, Black Ops goes into the places previously unseen by the series, like the dense jungles of Vietnam and the war-torn fields of Cuba. On the multi-player side, Black Ops offers a completely reengineered system, with weapons getting as many upgrades as the various soldier classes. Upgrades are more kind to skill, and even new gamers won't get left completely in the dust due to active experience gains. There's even zombies, a Smash T.V. like mini-game, and tons of other explosive amounts of content in the total package. Black Ops may not be Modern Warfare, but it's still a big damn game.
  • 14 [[xref:|Grand Theft Auto IV|Grand Theft Auto IV]]

    In Liberty City, you can do anything you want, regardless of legality. Grand Theft Auto IV's free-roaming gameplay contributes to the of Liberty City as a living, breathing place, and everything from the TV shows to the local radio has a unique design to it. And when you've finished running around the city with Nico and Co., Liberty City still has untold stories in the form of polished downloadable content. If you take a dive and see everything the city has to offer, you'll want to take an extended vacation.
  • 13 [[xref:|Half Life 2: The Orange Box|Half Life 2: The Orange Box]]

    Talk about bang for the buck: The Orange Box includes five hit games from the FPS gurus at Valve Software, making this a must-have for any shooter fan. Not only do you get the award-winning Half-Life 2 and the follow-ups Episode One and Two, but you also get the butter-smooth online game Team Fortress 2. But the real jewel of this fantastic collection is Portal, a mind-bending puzzler that every gamer should experience at least once. Filled with delicious humor and addictive gameplay, Portal is worth the purchase price alone but lucky for you, there's four other amazing games to keep you occupied long after you've discovered the secret of the cake (hint: it's a lie).
  • 12 [[xref:|Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood|Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood]]

    Releasing just a short year after the second installment, our initial expectations for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood had us wondering if it could properly live up to the series' sterling reputation. Thankfully, it seems our fears were misplaced, and Brotherhood adds a rich new chapter to the tale of the war between the Templars and the Assassins. The game's campaign has evolved to include more squad-based elements, which blend wonderfully into the new-for-the-franchise multiplayer mode. Brotherhood's innovative online gameplay features modes in which each player has a different opponent as a target, making every match a superb blend of action and strategy. It may have left a few too many of the franchise's mysteries unsolved, but as far as gameplay goes, this assassin hit its mark.
  • 11 [[xref:|Batman: Arkham Asylum|Batman: Arkham Asylum]]

    For once, a video game developer got everything right in a Batman game, and Rocksteady may have single handedly saved this series from an eternal cycle of horrible cash-in clunkers. But most rewarding was the fact that The Caped Crusader fought like a demon from Hell, his tools were inventive and intuitive, and the atmosphere of Arkham Island was as demented and dangerous as its inhabitants. Welcome back, Batman.
  • 10 [[xref:|Halo: Reach|Halo: Reach]]

    Bungie's final farewell to the series that they created is a bittersweet adventure, and just as weighty as the core Halo series. While dedicated series fans already know the inevitable outcome of the fight, the way the story is told is the main ingredient in this action-filled swan song. Changing the Halo formula again, Reach introduces new gameplay elements unique to the SPARTANs, such as armor abilities and equipment power-ups. Taking the fight to multiplayer also shows a refined multiplayer system that adds new modes, like Firefight. Consider Halo: Reach a bookend to the Halo saga, but a fittingly epic game nonetheless.
  • 9 [[xref:|Rock Band 3|Rock Band 3]]

    Until now, the Rock Band series has only let you pretend to play an instrument like the professionals. Rock Band 3 changes all that, as Harmonix has once again raised the bar. With the introduction of the new guitar peripherals and rhw Keyboard Controller, Rock Band 3 adds additional tools to your own collection of plastic hardware, along with new modes, new avatar gear, and a streamlined interface. But the biggest addition, Pro Mode, sets Rock Band 3 apart from the pack by actually being able to each you real music — consider it extra guitar lessons.
  • 8 [[xref:|BioShock|BioShock]]

    Set in the world of Rapture, a underwater paradise turned into a twisted nightmare, BioShock pits you as a hapless bystander unwittingly delving into the history and politics behind this lost dystopian city. Luckily, the same powers that tore Rapture apart help you survive. Plasmids help you even the odds by supplying you with various interesting powers, like telekinetic fire or the ability to wield electricity. Of course, these only help so much when facing down a Big Daddy, one of several dangerous behemoths prowling the city, so it's a good thing you can also gobble together some lethal-looking guns to boot. BioShock's combat is intuitive and clever — using pools of water as electricity traps, shattering Splicers after freezing them solid — but the real hook is the eerie atmosphere that this game invokes.
  • 7 [[xref:|Borderlands|Borderlands]]

    As a wandering adventurer on a quest for riches, power, and glory, the journey though the world of Pandora is meant to inspire the greedy treasure hunter deep in every gamer's heart. From the dusty peaks of the Arid Badlands to the wastelands of the Rust Commons, Borderlands has loot under every rock, just waiting to be discovered. Even though you can take the role of the lone wolf, running through a game with a few friends is the best way to play. With each new crew member, you'll encounter bigger enemies, harder missions, and mouthwatering rewards. Gaming has something to learn from Borderlands, and we're eager to see the next frontier.
  • 6 [[xref:|Assassin's Creed 2|Assassin's Creed 2]]

    Old Italy looks fantastic in Assassin's Creed 2, and the world is basically a huge jungle gym for main character Ezio, the descendant of the previous game's Altair. Ezio fares just as well as his forefather, thanks to new gameplay elements that allow him to swim, steal an enemy's weapon, and execute flashy moves such as a double-handed face-stab. Assassin's Creed II even gives you alternate ways to maintain a low profile by hiring townsfolk to provide timely distractions and bribing city officials. No matter how you play, Ubisoft Montreal's open world has a lot hidden under the surface, and Assassin's Creed 2 definitely conceals a refreshing take on the video game sandbox
  • 5 [[xref:|Halo 3|Halo 3]]

    We still remember the first time we saw the Bubble Shield. Forums lit up like fire when the Recon armor was unveiled to the public. Sometimes, you just can't mention Halo without gamers around the world getting excited, and Halo 3 is arguably the pinnacle of the series. Even we couldn't believe that the multiplayer had gotten even better than Halo 2's glorious run, and we had pretty high expectations. Everything was better, and we still couldn't get enough of it.
  • 4 [[xref:|Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2|Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]]

    Gut-wrenching moments and fast-paced FPS action were the bread and butter of the first Modern Warfare. After taking the Normandy Invasion as far as it could go, Infinity Ward dropped their coveted franchise into the modern era with amazing results. Since then, Modern Warfare 2 has proved to be a more-than-worthy successor to 2007's Game of the Year, upping the ante with an insanely gripping story, multiplayer that rivals the best titles in history, and enough controversial story-bound decisions to jar any player back into reality, if just for a split second. Even if you never go back to the solo missions after the first time around, playing this Call of Duty online is so deep and incredibly well-polished that you'll have little to no excuse to get tired of Modern Warfare 2.
  • 3 [[xref:|Red Dead Redemption|Red Dead Redemption]]

    Rockstar San Diego's Red Dead Redemption has everything that you'd expect from a traditional western: a gritty hero, nefarious bandits, and tales of honor and betrayal. But this title brings even more to the table with Rockstar's trademark brand of open-world gameplay. Whether you're roping cattle, tracking down bounties, stopping a robbery, or just playing a round of cards, Red Dead Redemption's open wilderness lies at your fingertips, just waiting for you to saddle up and get dirty. Throughout John Marston's tale, the game is peppered with gunfights, stagecoach races, quick draw shootouts, and just about anything else you'd expect from a modern Western. Depending on how you play the game, other westerners will either run at the sight of Marston or worship the ground he walks on, making everything you do in Red Dead Redemption both lasting and important. In the end, it's up to you whether you want to be a law-abiding hero or a low-down criminal, but the choices are expansive nonetheless.
  • 2 [[xref:|Mass Effect 2Mass Effect 2]]

    Mass Effect 2, the blockbuster sequel to Bioware's previous science fiction epic, can be called the Empire Strikes Back to Mass Effect's Star Wars. Mass Effect 2 also builds your gaming experience based on your choices in the previous game. Anyone you helped or hindered in Shepard last mission could come into play at various key plot points in the game, further customizing each story for each gamer. There's many ways this game can end, and Mass Effect 3 will literally be a different game depending on your actions.
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