Unboxing: Dyson's AM03 Pedestal Fan 'air multiplier'

We take a look at one of Dyson's bladeless fans

  • No time for being delicate: We're too excited!

  • We struggle with the packaging. We're not very good.

  • The arrival of a Dyson product at the GoodGearGuide offices is always cause for excitement. Especially when the product is part of Dyson's 'air multiplier' range of 'bladeless fans' (check out our 2009 [[artnid: 329557|review of the 25cm Dyson Air Multiplier]]. This time we've gotten our hands on the AM03 Pedestal Fan model — check out our frenzied unboxing of this modern miracle.

  • The jigsaw inside of the package revealed

  • The instructions. It's easy to assemble, and we didn't really need them.

  • The dinky remote control.

  • Unpacking the base.

  • The ring from which air is projected

  • Unwrapping the stand.

  • The stand slots onto the base plate.

  • You can tell from the motion blur just what a frenzy we were in.

  • Unpacking the 'neck' of the fan.

  • The neck slots onto the stand.

  • Just like this.

  • The ring slips neatly and easily onto the neck.

  • An IDG developer decides to photo bomb our unboxing.

  • Oh, did we mention we have a second Dyson fan in the office? Lucky us.

  • Our Test Centre Manager insisted we add a photo with our little [[artnid:351651|Tux]] toy sitting inside the fan. We're not sure why. He does look cool though (Tux, not the Test Centre Manager).

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