Shoot awesome holiday photos

Here are some tips for taking memorable photos of family gatherings and public celebrations this holiday season.

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Freezing Candles in Action

I love photographing candles, with their warm, romantic flames. Shooting candles is little different than capturing any other kind of decoration. You'll get the best results late in the day or in the early evening. Wait until very little natural light remains, and put your camera on a tripod to ensure that you don't get any shake. Turn off the flash--you'll want all the light to come from the flames. You can get great results with a wide range of shutter speeds, ranging from 1/100 second (as in this close-up of a menorah) to a full second or so. Take some shots, vary the exposure, and experiment.

Photo courtesy Flickr user [[xref:|Cayusa|Cayusa on Flickr]].

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Shoot awesome holiday photos

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