Ten great games with terrible storylines

Nice video game, shame about the plot...

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Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy 7 contains some great story arcs -- the fall of Midgar, the death of Aeris, the Golden Saucer -- but overall, the plot doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense. It starts off promisingly enough, with a rag-tag squad of freedom fighters battling an oppressive corporation. But once the world has opened up, the story becomes increasingly more convoluted and messy.

The lashing of pseudo-science, unlikely character origins and weird Japanese mysticism all conspire to rob the game of its once-compelling narrative. And what exactly happened at the end, with all those weird lights and Aeris’ unexplained resurrection? Even the ending to Akira made more sense than that.

Cloud’s backstory -- turns out he was a simpering, spiky-haired wimp -- also leaves the player cold. No wonder chicks prefer Sephiroth.

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Ten great games with terrible storylines

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