The coolest Star Wars gadgets

Cool, intriguing and straight-up weird gadgets inspired by Star Wars.

  • [[xref: |USB Drives]]

  • [[xref:|R2-D2 Water Bottle]]

  • One of the most popular movie franchises of all time, we've dug up some of the best (and worst!) gadgets and accessories inspired by Star Wars.

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    [[xref:;product_id=1322794 |Darth Vader Toaster]] This toaster burns an image of Darth Vader onto your toast. Never mind the charcoal, it's Darth Vader... on my toast!

  • [[xref:;product_id=1321106 |Darth Vader Lamp ]]

  • [[xref:;product_id=1324322| Stormtrooper headphones]]

  • [[xref:;product_id=1306478 |R2-D2 Alarm Clock ]]

  • [[xref:;product_id=1318466 |R2-D2 USB Hub]]

  • [[xref:;product_id=1306438 |TIE Fighter Webcam]]: The TIE Fighter's lights even illuminate when the webcam is in operation.

  • [[xref:|Darth Vader Alarm Clock]]

  • [[xref:|Darth Vader Voice Projected Money Bank ]]

  • [[xref:|USB Lightsaber Glow Desk Lamp]]

  • [[xref: |Home cinema:]] Somebody decked out a home cinema that looks like the inside of a starship!

  • [[xref:,1558,1823675,00.asp |TIE PC Case Mod.]] Doubling as a desk and as a PC case, this popular mod might even feel like you're piloting a TIE Fighter.

  • [[xref:,2845,1874334,00.asp |R2-D2 PC Case Mod]]

  • [[xref:|R2-D2 Gaming Console:]] One of the most popular Star Wars characters, this gaming console ensures that you can have every console known to man (and woman) in one convenient location.

  • [[xref:|R2-D2 Droid Phone ]]

  • [[xref:|Lightsaber USB Drive]]

  • [[xref: |Vader Air Balloon]]: Imagine seeing this gently gliding through the skies.

  • [[xref:|Landspeeder:]] One of the coolest gadgets that we found, this landspeeder can be driven. But we are wondering if it has airbags.

  • [[xref:|Millenium Falcon PC]]

  • [[xref:|Millenium Falcon Wii]]

  • [[xref:|TIE Speakers]]

  • [[xref:|AT-AT Stroller]]

  • [[xref:|Pancake Moulds.]] Not a gadget but still delicious.

  • [[xref:|Lightsaber Chopsticks]]

  • [[xref:|Soccer Table]]

  • [[xref:|Trooper Voice Changing Helmet]]

  • [[xref:|TIE Wheelchair]]

  • [[xref: |R2-D2 Drivable Model]]

  • [[xref:|R2-D2 Pepper Grinders]]

  • [[xref:|TV with Remote]]

  • [[xref: |MP3 Player:]] This MP3 Player looks like it is stuck in the 1970s when Star Wars was released.

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