Weird, wonderful and wacky home appliances and gadgets

We've rounded up some of the coolest concept designs as well as products actually available right now to show you that home appliances aren't boring!

  • We've rounded up some of the coolest concept designs as well as products actually available right now show you that home appliances aren't boring!

    City dwellers who rarely see a starry night will love the [[xref:|Sega Toys Homestar Pro|Sega Ttoys Homestar Pro]] planetarium. This funky little projector brings outer space into your home!

  • LED tap [[xref:|faucets|LED faucet]] and [[xref: |Shower heads!|Shower head]].

  • The [[xref:|Pac-Man Hothead|Pac-Man Hothead]] oven mitt

  • [[xref:|Tea maker and alarm clock all-in-one|Tea maker and clock alarm all-in-one]]!

  • The Whirlpool Vantage looks like the [[xref: |Bugatti|Bugatti]] of the laundry world!

  • The [[xref:|Bang Bang egg toaster|Bang Bang egg toaster]] designed by Lo Chi Di is a very cool concept design for an egg steamer

  • [[xref:|Swirl|Swirl]] is an awesome design concept for a mobile washing machine that can double as a water transportation device. It requires no power to operate and could be extremely helpful for people in developing countries.

  • Here's another design concept for a washing machine. The Orbital, designed by [[xref:|Tiffany Roddis|Tiffany Roddis]], has an environmental spin to it! An innovative spherical drum pivots on two axes to allow garments to move in all directions for a faster and more energy-efficient wash.

  • [[xref:;product_id=1322794 |Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster|Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster]].

  • [[xref:;product_id=1306478 |Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock|Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock]]

  • [[xref:|Electric Tomato Squeezer|Electric Tomato Squeezer]].

  • The [[xref:|Soleus Indoor/ Outdoor Party Fridge| Soleus Indoor/ Outdoor Party Fridge]] features digital temperature control, antibacterial serving trays, side caddies and interior baskets.

  • [[xref:|B-IRON 725|B-IRON 725]] is a concept design for a transparent iron, using electro-thermal wires in the tempered glass to conduct heat. Pretty cool! Designers: Dong-Seok Lee and Ji-Hyung Jung.

  • [[xref:|Toaster Teapot|Toaster Teapot]] from The Tea Pottery!

  • The [[xref:|WaveBox|WaveBox]] portable microwave.

  • Dyson is busy developing its own robotic vacuum cleaner. It has three onboard computers, 2000 electronic components, 27 separate circuit boards and 70 sensors.

  • The [[xref:|Dyson AM02|Dyson AM02]] bladeless tower fan.

  • The [[xref:|Russell Hobbs Quick 2 Boil|Russell Hobbs Quick 2 Boil]] is two appliances in one: a kettle and a water dispenser.

  • [[xref:|Russell Hobbs Glass Touch Coffee Maker|Russell Hobbs Glass Touch Coffee Maker]].

  • [[xref:|ActiFry|ActiFry]] from T-Fal supposedly only needs one tablespoon of oil to cook almost a kilo of fries.

  • The [[xref:|iRobot Scooba|iRobot Scooba]] automated floor mopping device takes some of the pain out of chores

  • An aquarium in your very own toilet! [[xref:|Fish N Flush's|Fish N Flush]] patented two-piece aquarium toilet tank designed by [[xref:|AquaOne|AquaOne]].

  • From Headhunter Inc comes the carbon fibre toilet. Yes that's correct carbon fibre and it weighs 18 kilos less than your average porcelain toilet!

  • "Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot cools biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky, odourless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends items for easy access." The Bio Robot Refrigerator is a concept design by Yuriy Dmitriev of Russia. This concept looks awesome and is part of [[xref:|Electrolux's Design Lab 2010 Competition|Electrolux Design Lab 2010 Competition]].

  • Super cute [[xref: |Smeg 50s style free-standing washing machine with sink|Smeg 50s Style Free-Standing Washing Machine with Sink]] (LBL16RO) offers 15 washing programs.

  • The [[xref:|Modern Home Double Room Circulator|Modern Home Double Room Circulator]] circulates air around your home (as the name suggests!) Different from a conventional fan in that it doesn't just blast air in one direction, it circulates it.

  • [[xref:|Mini Vintage hair dryers from Corioliss|Mini Vintage hair dryers from Corioliss]].

  • Retro Dishwashers, fridges and ovens from [[xref:|Big Chill|Big Chill]].

  • The [[xref:|Litter Robot|Litter Robot]] is going to put an end to the mundane task of cheerless kitty litter box scraping! See how it works:

  • Lazy modern day humans rejoice for there is a robot called the [[xref: |Asahi Robocco Beer-pouring Robot|Asahi Robocco Beer-pouring Robot]. Unsurprisingly, it's designed to pour you a beer!

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