A brief history of Android

How Android rose to prominence in the smartphone market

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Although rumors had been swirling for months that Google was preparing to launch a direct challenger to the Apple [[xref:http://www.networkworld.com/slideshows/2010/060710-iphone-4.html|iPhone|Apple iPhone 4]], the company instead simply released a [[xref:http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/110507-google-android-mobile-phone-platform.html|Linux-based open-source|Linux-based open-source]] mobile operating system known as “Android.” Because Android was free to use for devices and free to develop applications for, Google hoped it would persuade carriers to be less strict about what applications and content they will allow to run over their wireless networks. The platform was embraced immediately by Sprint and T-Mobile, with Verizon and AT&T following soon after.

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A brief history of Android

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