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In a day and age where music sharing is a bigger deal than [[artnid:352418|Justin Bieber's|Justin Bieber is most searched person on the net]] haircut, it can be confusing to wade through Web sites looking for the best ones for downloading some new tunes. For those who like to find their melodies on the net, we have compiled the top sites to [[artnid:361795|download music|EU votes to toughen rules on Internet piracy]] — including both free and non-free options, all legal and available in Australia.

[[xref:|BigPond Music]]

We’ll start with an obvious one — BigPond Music has an extensive range of tracks, albums and videos for you to choose from. The average price of BigPond Music is $1.99, with those in the current top 10 receiving a 15 per cent discount, while older tracks will set you back around $1.60. The average album price is $15.35.

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Best sites for downloading music

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