In pictures: Animania Festival 2010

Animania celebrates manga, anime and video game culture, with cosplay featuring heavily on the showroom floor

  • On the weekend, we headed down to Sydney for the [[xref:|8th Animania Festival 2010]]; Australia's largest Japanese pop culture event. Each year, Animania celebrates manga, anime and video game culture, with cosplay featuring heavily on the showroom floor. The festival hosted a wide variety of displays, performances and lectures geared towards the medium's vibrant fan culture.

    Here are some of the highlights from Saturday's show.

  • These Resident Evil cosplayers were cold, hardened professionals. During the day, they regaled the audience with a variety of rehearsed skits. For our money, they were the cosplayers of the event.

  • You can always rely on a dodgy Mario moustache to show up at these events. Nice mushroom though.

  • Princess Peach also turned up, looking pretty in pink as usual.

  • Free hip-hop lessons were given out at the event. We have no idea why.

  • Phoenix Wright cosplay at its finest. The comic book explosions are an awesome touch.

  • Neliel and chum from the manga series Bleach.

  • Several lectures were given at the event, including tips on how to make your own cosplay gear.

  • What's Slash doing here? Well, we suppose he did star in [[artnid:201487|Guitar Hero III]].

  • These Super Smash Bros. Brawl cosplayers were a favourite with the crowd. We especially like Snake's cardboard box.

  • Vintage chic.

  • An anime convention wouldn't be complete without some old school consoles to play. In this case, it was Mario Kart 64.

  • Is it just us, or do these guys make cosplay look effortlessly cool?

  • Ditto, these guys.

  • When props upstage their owners.

  • We have no idea who these guys are supposed to be.

  • Er, we're struggling to place this guy too. Is it Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist? (We really need to bone up on our manga.)

  • Twister in full cosplay regalia. Sweet.

  • These Final Fantasy fans did a great job with their costumes. Vanille and Fang are especially faithful.

  • No comment.

  • We're pretty sure this is supposed to be Aspharr from the video game Ninety-Nine Nights.

  • A pokemon trainer, yesterday.

  • These guys look like a Samoth tribute band. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • WoW elves: a staple of the cosplay circuit.

  • Gundam and pal strike a pose for the cameras.

  • Hip hop dancers or zombie cosplayers? You be the judge...

  • "Yeeeeeeeah, boiiiii!" (etc)

  • Invisible [[xref:|Dance Dance Revolution]] is actually more fun that it seems.

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