Play awesome retro games online for free

10 of the best online retro games you can play in your Web browser

  • If you've got a few minutes to spare during your lunchbreak, or if you're looking for an easy way to wind down after a long day's work, check out these 10 classic retro and arcade games that have been given new life inside your Web browser.

  • [[xref:|Quake Live]]

    OK, so it's not really much of a 'retro' game — id Software's hit first-person shooter Quake III Arenas was released in 1999 — but Quake Live takes all the mayhem and multiplayer madness of its predecessor and slots it neatly into a Web page. Sign up and frag away!
  • [[xref:|Asteroids]]

    Atari's 1979 spacefaring classic has never lost its simple appeal, requiring players to simultaneously dodge and destroy disintegrating rocks — as well as the occasional enemy alien saucer. This version allows you to hot-seat with a friend and compare scores.
  • [[xref:|Galaga]]

    Galaga is a simple game that's great to sit down with for a few minutes. Dodge the aliens, bash away at the fire button and try to survive as many waves as you can.
  • [[xref:|Pac-Man]]

    Games don't get much more iconic than Pac-Man. The arcade classic was released in 1980, but is just as playable today. It's even on display at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.!
  • [[xref:|Commander Keen]]

    Commander Keen is one of our favourites. We've desperately tried to find an online copy of the 1990 side-scroller that has sound, but no luck so far. If your precious memories can handle this grievous insult, it's worth a few minutes of your time.
  • [[xref:|Super Mario Bros]]

    Super Mario Bros. is one of the best-selling video games of all time. That's all you need to know. If you haven't played it before, play it now. If you have played it before, play it now anyway.
  • [[xref:|Prince of Persia]]

    Prince of Persia was originally released on the Apple II, but was quickly ported to MS-DOS as well. It also came out on the SEGA Master System, the NES, the Game Boy... you name it. Odds are you'll have had at least one crack at its eight minutes of platforming, jumping and swordfighting mayhem. See if your old skills stand the test of time.
  • [[xref:|Donkey Kong]]

    Everyone's had at least a few tries at rescuing the damsel in distress from the hairy clutches of Donkey Kong. Jumpman (this was pre-Mario, remember) dodges barrels and fireballs while scrambling up girders and ladders to face off with his nemesis.
  • [[xref:|Another World]]

    Another World, known as Out of This World in the US, was an excellent platformer released in 1991. It was available on a plethora of platforms, including the Amiga, DOS, the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the SNES. What's truly astonishing is that this version is written entirely in JavaScript — it's an amazing achievement!
  • [[xref:|Pong]]

    How could a list of retro games be complete without the groundbreaking Pong? Surprisingly enough, it's hard to find a simple version of the game online — most muck up the original formula with extra balls or power-ups. This is one of the least impure versions we found — enjoy.
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