Microsoft previews Internet Explorer 9

The IE9 preview highlights the capabilities of HTML 5

  • Acid: When Microsoft shipped IE8, the browser scored a miserly 20/100 on the widely used Acid test that assesses its compliance with Web standards. On the fourth release of the Platform Preview, IE9 scored an impressive 95/100.

  • SunSpider: This particular test highlights a Web browser’s JavaScript execution performance and as you can see, this Platform Preview for IE9 is edging towards the top of the list.

  • FishIE Tank: This demo also highlights IE9's JavaScript performance.

  • Hamster Dance Revolution: While it’s no Dance Dance Revolution, Hamster Dance Revolution shows how both Web users and webpage designers will benefit from IE9. Even though Internet Explorer has been struggling against the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in the past few years, it has enjoyed a respectable comeback in 2010.

  • Flickr Explorer: Flickr Explorer is a much more dynamic experience when it comes to viewing photos and sifting through particular albums. Tracking the cursor over a particular image will enlarge it and click to zoom. Easy to use and very cool.

  • Yahoo Finance: HTML5 will offer enhanced interaction on Web sites. Graphs are brought to life with Local Storage (introduced with IE8) IETrade uses local storage to periodically save the user's trade history and positions so they get a seamless experience when leaving and returning to the application.

  • HTML5 Audio Player: A simple music player that uses the <audio> element

  • Tweet Map: With this nifty demo, IE9 shows how GPU-powered HTML5 graphics can enhance the user experience. Live tweets are displayed according to their geographic location.

  • Canvas Zoom: Think of it like a photo gallery of a panoramic image. Click to zoom and zoom and zoom and select landmark images on the bottom tiles.

  • IMDB: Do you enjoy watching trailers online but are sick of sifting through cyberspace to watch more than one? This tool allows the user to pan through many videos on the same Web page.

  • Tweet Cloud: This demo finds results for the term "haiti" in a Twitter search to count word frequencies and then generates the word clouds. A live search is performed when search terms are entered into the search box. It’s a fun and dynamic way to present information from a live search, particularly in the Twittersphere.

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