Best video cameras for Father's Day

The best camcorders for videophile dads

  • If your dad is anything like mine, he probably thinks he’s a dab hand with a video camera (apparently it’s a middle-aged male thing; like operating the remote on a VCR). Whenever the family gets together, it always seems to be dad who’s in charge of movie-making duties, while the rest of us waste time preparing, cooking and serving the lunch.

    If this all sounds depressingly familiar, then why not buy your old man a shiny new camcorder for Father’s Day? If nothing else, the advancements in technology should ensure his videos are at least slightly watchable. In other words, everyone wins! To help you pick the perfect video camera for your dad, we’ve compiled a list of the best products on the market. In no particular order, here is a shortlist of our five personal favourites.

  • 1. Kogan Full HD 1080p Deluxe Touchscreen Video Camcorder Camera (RRP: $339)

    The [[artnid:356587| Kogan Full HD 1080p Video Camera|Review: Kogan Full HD 1080p Deluxe Touchscreen Video Camcorder Camera]] is a great low-cost option for bargain-loving dads. This Full HD camcorder records in the flash memory format and comes with a free carry pouch and an 8GB SD memory card — which is insanely good value for the sub-$400 asking price. If your dad is the patriotic sort, you’ll also earn extra points for buying him an ‘Aussie’ product (Kogan Technologies is an Australian-owned company).

    The Kogan Full HD 1080p Deluxe Touchscreen Video Camcorder Camera is only available direct from Kogan. [[xref:|Visit for more information]].
  • 2. Linksys by Cisco Flip Mino HD (RRP: $299)

    For dads with tiny pockets, it’s hard to look past the [[artnid:309930| Flip Mino HD|Review: Flip Mini HD]]. Measuring just 108x57x30mm, the Flip Mino HD is one of the smallest high-def camcorders on the market. It’s also incredibly user-friendly, with only a few fool-proof buttons to fiddle around with. An output jack is included for watching videos directly from the camera on a TV. The Flip Mino HD is a great gift for dads who want to shoot great-quality video without lugging around a full-sized camera.
  • 3. Canon Legria HF M31 (RRP: $1399)

    The [[artnid:351036|Canon Legria HF M31|Review: Canon Legria HF M31]] is our top choice for image quality; which makes it a great Father’s Day gift for videophiles. It records 1080p video to SD/SDHC memory cards, with an 8GB card included in the sales package. When used in optimum lighting, the Canon Legria HF M31 produced some of the richest and sharpest images we have seen from a camcorder in this price range. There are also plenty of manual options for “hands-on” dads to play around with.
  • 4. Sony HDR-XR520 (RRP: $2199)

    If price isn’t an issue this Father’s Day (or you have a large family to chip in), go for the [[artnid:348938|Sony HDR-XR520|Review: Sony HDR-XR520]]. This flagship Full HD camcorder from Sony comes with everything a gadget-loving dad needs, including a 12-megapixel stills mode, a 240GB hard drive, a digital SLR–derived CMOS sensor and a GPS receiver. The inbuilt mapping system will let your dad view his geographical location on the camera LCD. It will also organise your video clips based on the locations where they were shot.
  • 5. Millennius Memmoir Gold Full HD 1080p Touchscreen Video Camcorder Camera (RRP: $379)

    Like the Kogan camcorder featured earlier, the [[artnid:341602|Millennius Memmoir Gold Full HD 1080p Touchscreen Video Camcorder Camera]] represents excellent value for money. It boasts good Full HD video, a user-friendly interface and a 20-megapixel stills mode (an 8GB SD card is also included). The Millennius Memmoir Gold is a very impressive offering that will suit families and videographers on a budget.

    The Millennius Memmoir Gold Full HD 1080p Touchscreen Video Camcorder Camera is only available direct from Millennius. [[xref:|Visit for more information]].
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