The most underrated video games of this generation

17 current-gen video games that should have been bigger hits

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4. Wet (Xbox 360, PS3)

Wet was always destined to become a poor man's Bayonetta. Both games feature balletic gunplay courtesy of a busty brunette in stilettos. Yet, while Bayonetta was heralded as one of the best action games of its generation, poor old Wet was left out to dry. (Do you see what we did there?)

While we concede that Wet lacks the verve and energy of its Japanese rival — and is a little too fond of QTEs — there's still a great game to be found here. Just ask 2K Games' Anthony Lawrence, who proclaimed it [[artnid:333543|one of his favourite games of 2009]] in a recent interview. (Incidentally, he was supposed to be talking about BioShock 2.) With its knowing nods to grindhouse cinema and relentless acrobatic combat, Wet was probably one of the most stylish games of 2009. In fact, we'll take its exploitative grit over Bayonetta's bubblegum insanity any day.

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