Apple iOS 4: 10 best features

Multitasking might be the biggest news in the latest version of the iPhone OS, but it has plenty of other useful features and refinements, too. Here's a hands-on look at our 10 favorites.

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The Camera app in iOS 4 adds a 5X-digital-zoom slider above the shutter button. The slider is easy to access, but the pictures can get a bit blurry if you zoom in a lot (optical zoom is not available on the iPhone).

When you first open the Camera app in iOS 4, it asks you for permission to acquire [[xref:|geolocation]] data. You'll see this data in action in the Photos app, in a new feature called Places; your photos appear on a map based on where you took them.

The upgrades aren't limited to your still photos, either. When taking videos, you can now tap to focus on your subject--just as you do when taking photos.

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Apple iOS 4: 10 best features

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