Star Wars video games: A visual history

We recap the last 27 years of video games based on George Lucas's enormously influential Star Wars franchise.

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Faction 5's Rogue Squadron (N64, PC) sets a new standard for the space sim on consoles; its plot shows the growing influence of Expanded Universe content with the inclusion of the First Battle of Mon Calamari from the comic Dark Empire. Star Wars also makes its turn-based strategy debut with Rebellion (PC), where players vie to take over the galaxy as either the Empire or the Rebels. Mysteries of the Sith (PC), the expansion for 1997's Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, brings another popular Expanded Universe character, Mara Jade, to the realm of gaming (as Katarn's apprentice and redeemer). DroidWorks (PC) turns children into droid designers, putting their creations in learning-based missions

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