The evolution of video game media

From jumper cards to hard disks, these are the cards, cartridges, and drives that have shaped the world of gaming.

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Downloading Games

During the 1990s, Nintendo and Sega experimented with delivering games on demand via various transmission media. The Sega Channel was a subscription-based service that allowed Sega Genesis owners to temporarily download games to a local adapter (1) for play. The BS-X Satellaview provided similar functionality for the Super Famicom in Japan over Satellite TV networks. However, users could store downloaded games indefinitely in interchangeable Memory Paks (2) that would fit into a larger adapter (3).

Key: [1] Sega Channel Adapter (Genesis, 1994), [2] Nintendo BS-X Memory Pak & [3] Nintendo BS-X Special Broadcast Cassette (Super Famicom, 1995)

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The evolution of video game media

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