Top 10 winter gadgets

As the cold sweeps in, we take you through the top gadgets to survive this winter

  • [[artnid:344839|Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT2 digital camera]]

    This rugged Panasonic digital camera not only takes great pictures, but can withstand the wet and wild winter weather. The LUMIX DMC-FT2 fixes many of the quibbles we had when we tested the previous generation [[artnid:301229|LUMIX DMC-FT1]]. It now offers plenty of new features and effects, making it a strong competitor to the [[artnid:329019| Olympus Mju Tough 6010 digital camera]]. Plus the new DMC-FT2 is priced at $599 — $100 less than the asking price of the original DMC-FT1 when it launched.
  • [[xref:|Thanko Wrist Strap]]

    This somewhat bizarre invention from (yep, you guessed it) Japan plugs into your USB port and delivers a controlled 40 degrees of heat into your extremities. Perfect for late night rounds of Pacman on your Xbox.
  • [[xref:|USB Mug Warmer]]

    There’s nothing that we love more in the morning — or during a long day at the office — than a warm cup of coffee. Plug this gadget into a USB port, and your cuppa will remain warm for an extra 30-60 minutes.
  • [[xref:|Culinare One Touch Can Opener]]

    One thing comes to mind when you think of winter: hot soup. Whilst some of us have the skills to whip up a gourmet broth on our own, the rest rely on soup-in-a-can to satisfy their hunger. Enter the One Touch Can Opener, a very useful kitchen gadget that lives up to its name: it opens your can with one touch!
  • [[xref:|Real Fireplace Illumination Heater]]

    'Traditional' fireplaces are a thing of the past. Enter the Real Fireplace Illumination Heater, another Japanese creation that blasts heat into your room while looking like a fireplace. Eco-friendly and cheap, this fiery companion is the way to go for winter.
  • [[xref:|EZVision i-Theater]]

    If the cold is becoming too much to bear, then the EZVision i-Theater is a welcome distraction to see you through. With twin TFT LCD monitors to replicate the effect of watching a massive 50in screen from a distance of 8.5ft, the i-Theater hooks to almost any video source — including your iPod or [[artnid:309245|iPhone]] and allows you to watch anything you desire in your own cocooned cinema experience.

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  • [[artnid:342718|Fujitsu LifeBook LH700 notebook]]

    The Fujitsu LifeBook LH700 is a 2.4kg, 14in notebook that's aimed at young people, students in particular. In addition to possessing plenty of great features, stylish looks and a solid design, it has a palm rest that heats up quickly from the internal components &8212; handy for those cold winter mornings! (Okay, we're not totally sure this is a feature.)
  • With days and nights getting coler, why not pick up some gadgets to help you battle through the winter.

    [[xref:|Speaker Beanie]]

    This nifty little invention will not only keep your head warm, but keep the music pumping during chilly days. With integrated speakers, simply plug and drop the beat!
  • [[xref:|USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse]]

    Step aside Bieber-fever, this is USB-fever! Let's face it, work on your desktop computer can be pretty daunting during chilly weather, and wearing gloves is out of the question. The Infra-Red Warmer Mouse gives you the option of keeping your hands warm without the need for annoying gloves!
  • [[xref:|Winter Tech Headphones]]

    Heading off to the Alps for a ski-holiday? Probably not. But these headphones work brilliantly in the snow nonetheless, and their artistic design is certain to win its fair share of admirers.
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