10 useful iPhone tips and tricks

We take you through 10 simple yet extremely handy iPhone hints

  • Soft Reset:

    A useful and underrated trick: If your iPhone is playing up on you, simply hold the Home button and the Sleep button to restart. A white light will flash, then it will turn off. Keep holding until it turns back on and you're sorted.
  • Scroll to top of page:

    Ever been stuck at the end of a long email, when you realise it's a headache to scroll all the way back to the top? Well a simple double-tap on the top bar not only brings you to the top of the page, but it also brings up the URL bar. Handy.
  • Parental Controls:

    For mums and dads out there who have bought an iPhone for their kids but are worried about the content they could access, fear not. Just go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions, to block explicit lyrics, Safari, YouTube and the App Store
  • Fit-to-page:

    When browsing or reading through various blogs or e-mails, you can double tap any column, word, or picture to fit it to your iPhone screen.
  • Screenshot:

    This is handy for anyone who comes across a page during their Safari-surfing endeavours, and finds a delightful piece of intel that they wish was saved. Just hold the home button and press the sleep button, the screen will flash white and the screenshot will be saved straight to your camera roll
  • Swipe to delete:

    A quick and easy way to delete an e-mail is by swiping your finger across it and pressing 'delete'. Done and done.
  • Saving any image:

    Seen an image you like whilst browsing on Safari? Simply press and hold the image and you will be allowed to save it. You can then find it in your camera roll.
  • Extra Keys:

    During our virtual conversations, we tend to use symbols or letters that might seem out of the ordinary. Hold a letter for a popup of various versions of the character, and you can éîçüåß to España in no time.
  • Double tap spacebar for a period:

    For us who need efficiency and speed when texting, just double tap your spacebar for a period instead of wasting time by looking for it on the 'symbols' page. Try it now, thank us later!
  • Move dock icons:

    This one is underused but very useful. The four icons on the grey bar at the bottom of your iPhone are moveable, and you can change them to any app you want. Just press and hold the icons, then drag them while they are shaking and press the home button when you are satisfied with your new dock. Become a fan of [[xref:|GoodGearGuide on Facebook]]

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