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The ten Blu-ray movies that every videophile must own

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1. The Dark Knight

The disc: The Dark Knight was one of the first Blu-ray titles to really show what the format is capable of. It also stars fricking Batman, which is half the battle won right there. But the real hero of this disc is the awe-inspiring IMAX scenes, which are presented in the 1.78:1 aspect ratio. Rarely has Blu-ray made such masterful use of a HD TV screen. The IMAX sections bring Gotham City to life with a clarity and depth that surpass nearly every Blu-ray disc on the market. There’s a reason electronics stores always have this playing in their windows: it looks bloody fantastic!

The film: Unlike certain other blockbusters we could mention – (cough) Transformers (cough) – The Dark Knight isn’t just about eye candy: it’s also a great movie that you’ll want to re-watch again and again. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see a sequel with the late Heath Ledger: all the more reason to preserve his legacy on Blu-ray.

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