Apple iPad: How do the apps shape up?

We take a look through a range of iPad specific apps, including the basic mail, safari and iPod applications.

  • Twitteriffic iPad app

    There will no doubt be plenty of iPad Twitter apps, but Twitteriffic has a head start. It's free, has a simple and effective interface, and is easy to use.
  • iBooks for iPad

    The iBooks application isn't standard on the iPad, but is available as a free download from the App Store. It comes free with one book, Winnie the Pooh.
  • We've been lucky enough to get our hands on the [[artnid:340176|Apple iPad]] well before its Australian launch in "late April." We've had a brief but exciting play with the [[artnid:342535|iPad]] and we're ready to give you the low down on what to expect! Let's take a run through some of the specific iPad apps, from the basics to some cool and free iPad apps in the App Store!

    iPad home screen

    The iPad's home screen. As you can see, its very similar to the [[artnid:309245|iPhone]], except on a much larger scale. The dock takes a leaf out of Mac OS X with a 3D background, while the larger screen means there is more space for app icons. The small icon you can see next to the battery percentage indicator is the screen rotation lock.
  • Mail for iPad

    Typing an e-mail on the iPad in portrait mode. The keyboard is quite large, and if you're holding the iPad with two hands you'll need to stretch your thumbs.
  • Pro Keys for iPad

    A music application that lets you use your iPad as a piano! You can adjust the scale of the keys, the pitch and sound presets.
  • Yahoo iPad app

    The Yahoo iPad app may be full of eye candy, but it's also functional and well designed. The entertainment app includes the latest news, events and videos, and, best of all, it's free!
  • iPad lock screen

    Once again, the iPad's lock screen remains almost identical to the iPhone's. The only change is a small icon next to the slide to unlock bar — this activates slideshow mode, and turns the iPad into a handy digital photo frame. You can adjust a number of picture frame settings in the menu including the transition, the ability to zoom in on faces and which photos or albums are displayed.
  • ABC Today iPad app

    It's a shame this app is an American exclusive, because it's superb. You can watch the latest TV shows and episodes from US network ABC, for free. The interface is very impressive.
  • iPod for iPad

    Music on the iPad. The screenshot here shows albums, with the extra screen size coming in handy for the left panel, similar to iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Yahoo iPad app

    An example of video news within the iPad app.
  • iPod for iPad

    The 'now playing' screen. The volume and music playback controls are now at the top of the screen, something iPhone users will need to get used to.
  • Safari for iPad

    This is where the iPad really comes into its own. As you can see, the iPad screen shows almost a full Web page, in this instance the GoodGearGuide home page. Though the lack of Flash is a real sour point, we found the browser loaded quickly and rendered pages almost perfectly.
  • iPad settings menu

    The settings menu is one of many that takes advantage of the iPad's large display. A row of settings on the left eliminates the need to scroll, with selected settings shown in the right column.
  • iBooks for iPad

    The iPad's glossy screen may be a hindrance for a book reader, but there is no doubting this app is very well designed. You simply flick your finger right to left to turn a page (or vice versa to go back) and the level of detail is very impressive.
  • Mail for iPad

    An example of an HTML e-mail displayed on the iPad.
  • Google Maps for iPad

    Maps is another iPad application that takes advantage of the extra screen real estate. It’s a largely similar app to the one on the iPhone and the iPod Touch, but the maps looks superb on the iPad's display.
  • YouTube for iPad

    As the iPad lacks Flash capabilities, it comes with a YouTube application. You can search, view and save favourites just as you can on the Web-based version, and the interface is slick.
  • Mail for iPad

    Typing an e-mail on the iPad in landscape mode. The main difference here is the extra-large keyboard. It's almost impossible to type with two hands in landscape mode while holding the iPad, so this is best when you've got the iPad lying flat on a table or in your lap.
  • eBay iPad app

    eBay already has an app for the iPhone, so it makes sense for them to double dip with the iPad. The home page displays daily deals as well as a number of specials.
  • Tap Tap Radiation for iPad

    Tap Tap comes alive on the iPad, with Tap Tap Radiation. It's free and gives you a nice sneak peak of what the iPad's larger screen is capable of.

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  • New York Times iPad app

    The excellent New York Times offering is a very good example of what we can expect from newspaper-style apps. This one is sorted into relevant sections and you simply tap on a story to read the full article.
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