In pictures: iPad unboxing!

We take you through the nuts and bolts as we unbox the Apple iPad!

  • The iPad's lock screen. Obviously its almost identical to the iPhone, but on a much larger scale. The screen is bright, clear and crisp, though fingerprints are a real hassle. Even a quick 20 second play with the iPad left it with a smudged face.

  • [[artnid:340176|Apple's iPad]] has arrived at our offices! Thanks to [[xref:|online mobile store MobiCity]], we've been able to get our hands on the latest Apple phenomenon before it his Australian shelves later this month. We give you the low-down on what to expect when the iPad finally arrives down under!

    The iPad, fresh out of its box. As you can see, the package is unsurprisingly similar to the [[artnid:309245|iPhone 3GS]] and typically Apple. Unlike the iPhone, Apple bundles an AC adapter.

  • The right side of the iPad has the volume controls as well as the screen rotation lock button. This switch prevents the built-in accelerometer from rotating the screen when the iPad is held horizontally. This is a very nifty inclusion, as the iPad's accelerometer is very sensitive and has a habit of rotating when you don't want it to.
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  • The top of the iPad houses the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as the screen lock button. There is also a small hole that houses the built-in microphone. Interestingly, Apple doesn't include headphones with the iPad — you'll need to purchase these separately if you require them.

  • The bottom of the iPad features the standard Apple dock connector as well as the built-in speaker. We were immediately impressed with the speaker — it's louder and crisper than the one on the iPhone.

  • The rear of the iPad features a sleek, brushed silver finish, comparable to the first generation iPhone rather than the newer [[artnid:252856|iPhone 3G]] and iPhone 3GS models (both which have black or white plastic casing on the rear). The iPad certainly looks impressive, but like the screen the rear casing quickly becomes dirty, easily picking up marks and smudges. We'd definitely recommend a case for this baby.

  • As you can see, we immediately downloaded the iBooks application (which is not preloaded on the device), as well as a couple of free iPad apps. The iPad functions exactly the same as an iPhone in this regard.

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