Terrible celebrity endorsements: What Lara Bingle, Snoop Dogg and Mr T have in common

From Z-grade "celebrities" like our very own Lara Bingle, to multimillion dollar stars like Snoop Dogg, it seems some celebrities have no shame -- as long as they get paid.

  • Snoop Dogg and Skullcandy

    As Skullcandy headphones don't look ridiculous enough already, the company has partnered with rapper Snoop Dogg to produce the Snoop Dogg artist series. Apparently, "a pair of mini-subwoofers against your skull makes the bass feel like a swarm attack by the renegades of funk, soldiers of Jah, hip-hop nation, all at once." Perhaps that bass has beating against your brain one too many times if you're considering wearing these.
  • Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft

    Comedian Jerry Seinfield isn't someone we'd immediately associate with software giant Microsoft, but Bill Gates thought it would be a good idea to team up with him for a Microsoft commercial. Safe to say, it wasn't a good idea at all — [[xref:|the commercial]] was pulled off the US airwaves just one month after it appeared. Not only is it entirely unfunny, it's also completely irrelevant. Leave the quirky commercials to Steve, Bill.
  • Mr T and the FlavourWave Oven Turbo

    Moving onto non-tech endorsements, we really wish this was a joke but it's actually real. Apparently the Mr T Flavorwave Oven is "a miracle breakthrough that turbo cooks all your favourite foods up to three times faster, with no added fat or your money back!" As if the George Foreman grills weren't enough, now we have to put up with infomercials like these. Why, Mr T, why? I pity the fool who signs up to this rubbish. [[xref:|Mr T's Snickers commercial]] was an example of a good endorsement. This is an example of a terrible one.
  • Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Grill

    Take one washed up wrestler, pick a hilariously bad infomercial product, and you're left with the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill. I'm sure this grill isn't bad; in fact, it probably works a treat. But do we really need to be subjected to the mindless endorsement of Hulk Hogan?
  • Jay-Z and HP

    HP thinks American rapper Jay-Z is the "CEO of Hip-Hop." Aside from that load of rubbish, [[xref:|this commercial]] looks fairly cool, with Jay-Z using his HP notebook to store a new song, upload his photos, design a new stadium for the New Jersey Jets and organise his world tour. After watching this though, two things don't make sense — you only ever see Jay-Z's hands, and really, what the hell does this have to do with a notebook? We'd say that Jay-Z got more promotion out of this than HP.
  • Endorsements are part and parcel of every celebrity's life, but sometimes they go too far. Common among sadly ubiquitous blond "socialites" who are famous for reasons unknown, the plague of the bad endorsement has also struck some high profile stars. We've rounded up some of the worst celebrity product endorsements we've seen, which includes a number of tech companies who really should have known better. So prepare to laugh and cry — maybe even at the same time.

    Lara Bingle and Vodafone

    What better way to start than in our own backyard, and with a woman who's been all over the news after her split from high profile fiancée, Australian cricket vice-captain Michael Clarke. Well, before Lara was throwing $200K engagement rings down the drain (okay, apparently that didn't actually happen), having her Aston Martin stolen and sleeping with AFL footballer Brendan Fevola, Vodafone employed her as its "ambassador" for the [[artnid:309245|iPhone 3GS]] launch in June last year. Why anyone at Vodafone thought Bingle, "famous" for a failed Australian tourism advertising campaign, would be a good choice is beyond our comprehension.
  • Vinnie Jones and Bacardi Rum

    This British footballer-cum-actor has made a living out of seriously harming people, both on and off the field. His rap sheet on the field includes being sent off 12 times in his career, as well as holding the record for the quickest ever booking in a football match (three seconds), grabbing Paul Gascoigne's testicles and injuring another player so severely it eventually caused him to retire. His off the field rap sheet is just as bad — he's been convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, criminal damage, air rage, and a misdemeanour assault in which he allegedly headbutted a patron in a bar. However Bacardi obviously thought highly enough of Jones to commission him to do an [[xref:|advertisement for the company]]. It was pulled off the air shortly after his arrest for air rage, in which he allegedly slapped a fellow passenger 10 times and threatened to have the cabin crew murdered.
  • David Beckham and Motorola

    Goldenballs is more famous for his off-field endorsements than actually playing football. As part of his Motorola endorsement, Becks modelled and produced a number of shots like the one above for the [[artnid:207093|Motorola MOTOPURE H12 Bluetooth headset]]. Yes, even David Beckham looks like a bit of a tosser wearing a Bluetooth headset.
  • Nicole Ritchie and T-Mobile's Sidekick

    Famous because she's the daughter of Lionel Ritchie (oh, and one of Paris' best pals, apparently) Nicole Ritchie doesn't seem the greatest choice as an ambassador for the T-Mobile Sidekick, launched as the [[artnid:200362|Telstra hiptop slide]] in Australia. The Sidekick was an extremely popular smartphone in the US for teenagers and people in their early 20s, but could they afford the ridiculous, hideous diamond encrusted case Ritchie is carrying in this picture? And why would teenagers want to grow up idolising a Hollywood brat anyway? Perhaps T-Mobile should find Nicole a day job, and a few extra kilograms.
  • Paris Hilton and BlackBerry

    Although this isn't an official endorsement, it might as well be considering the number of photos snapped with Paris clutching her beloved BlackBerry. Though RIM may be pleased considering the company's recent push in the consumer market, the picture of a BlackBerry in Paris Hilton's hands isn't a good look for any phone, in our opinion. What's even more disturbing is the [[xref:|Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest game]], available for download through [[artnid:329559|BlackBerry App World]]. We're not sure what's worse: Paris Hilton endorsing an "exciting puzzle game," the fact that it's US$2.99 or that user comments include "Highly recommend this game for any one and great for kids too!" Yep, what a fantastic game for the kids. Perhaps they'll grow up to be as classy as Paris.
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