Top 10 weird and wacky iPhone cases

We round-up 10 of the strangest, quirkiest and downright weird iPhone cases

  • Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone

    Let’s be honest, the iPhone's battery is less than impressive. Users can very quickly run out of juice, but the kind people at Mophie can help solve this problem. The [[xref:|Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone]] 3G and 3GS models is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case. It extends your talk time by about six hours on 3G or 12 hours on 2G. It also gives you an extra seven hours of browsing time on Wi-Fi. You can charge both the case battery and your iPhone’s battery but you'll need to buy a cable that’s sold separately. The case is yours for $110.
  • These days it seems as though almost everyone has an [[artnid:309245|iPhone]]. Although how cool you are may no longer be determined by the particular phone you have, you can still differentiate yourself by slapping an eye-catching case on your iPhone. We take a look at some iPhone cases that are sure to make heads turn, perhaps for the wrong reasons.

    Factron Quattro iPhone case

    So we know that three generations of the iPhone has still not produced a [[xref:|camera|GoodGearGuide: Digital camera news and reviews]] that photographers will be excited about. However, Japanese company Factron may have something to say about that. Two sheets of aircraft grade duralumin are used in the construction of the Factron Quattro iPhone case, and, most importantly, there is a lens mount that allows for interchangeable lenses such as fisheye, wide angle and macro. It’s finished off with genuine calf leather on the back. [[xref:|Available through Factron]], the case will set you back 19,600 yen or roughly $238. The lenses aren’t included, so expect to fork out a bit more them.
  • Sanwa Waterproof iPhone case

    This [[xref:|waterproof case]] is courtesy of Japanese company Sanwa. It has a sealing mechanism design to keep out the water and you can still use the iPhone’s screen and camera as the case has clear windows. There’s a special jack for waterproof headphones, but none are included. We're not sure if we’d take the risk but maybe you would! It will cost you 3,280 yen or about $40.
  • Case-mate recession iPhone case

    This is not a joking matter people. Some of us have serious financial troubles and can't afford a proper case for our beloved iPhone. Case-mate has come to the rescue with a cardboard case that’s yours for just $1.10. It also offers the 'Bailout bundle' (10 cases for $8.75) or the 'Stimulus package' (30 cases for $16.40). Don’t have the spare change? You can just [[xref:|download the template]] and make one yourself.
  • iBike Rider case for iPhone

    The [[xref:|iBike Rider case for the iPhone]] is a neat solution for those who speed around on two-wheels. It’s wrist-mounted and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the weather. There is also an optional headset microphone designed to connect to your helmet when you’re on the road. There is a clear plastic case so you can use [[xref:|GPS|GoodGearGuide: GPS reviews]] navigational apps and make phone calls although we’re not sure about the legality of this on Aussie roads. It will set you back about $62 for the case itself or $92 including the headset.
  • Pijama soft iPhone case

    These aren’t knitted by your granny — [[xref:|Italian company Pijama]] wants to keep your iPhone nice and cosy. We're not sure if the iPhone would be protected by the neoprene-like material combined with other fabrics, but it’s nice and simple with no zips. There are a few different styles and patterns to choose from and it will set you back $24.
  • Case-Mate Vroom Tire Tread Pattern iPhone case

    [[xref:|Case-Mate's Vroom Tired Tread Pattern iPhone]] case is not as silly as it looks. Made from 100 per cent impact resistant silicone, it will cushion the fall of your iPhone (touch wood) and also prevent it from slipping out of your hands. It's available in black, red, yellow and purple colours for just $16.
  • Vers iPhone Infocase

    Crafted from select US hardwoods and bamboo, and reinforced with steel pins, the [[xref:|Vers iPhone Infocase]] provides heavy duty but stylish protection. For every tree Vers uses, it promises to plant 100 to reforest areas damaged by fire and other natural disasters. It will cost you $40.
  • Chocolate-style iPhone case

    One of our favourites, this [[xref:|delicious-looking case]] even comes packaged in a chocolate bar style wrapping, looking as though it's just been taken from your local supermarket. A screen protector is included and it retails for $27.
  • Exovault Silver Aluminium or Brass iPhone case

    Consisting of two aluminium pieces and finished by hand, the [[xref:|Exovault iPhone cases]] have a Robocop or C-3PO feel to them. The aluminium is anodised; a process that makes it harder, stronger and scratch-resistant. Offered in a clear anodise that showcases the look of the raw aluminium, while still providing a hard, scratch-resistant finish or a deep black anodise that really highlights the iPhone’s touch screen. It costs $82 for silver model and $104 for the brass one.
  • GnG Gold iPhone case

    We said 10 but we lied — this was just too impressive to leave out. German-based company GnG may have come up with one of the most expensive iPhone cases in the world. The [[xref:|Gold iPhone case]] features a 1mm subshell made with 140g of 18 carat gold, a carbon fibre inlay and about 200 diamonds. The outer frame has another 400 diamonds in the logo, which can be personalised. The "Golden Delicious" case will set you back a cool €77,777 — about $116,000.

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