Top 25 design entries in Dell Design Studio's 'Make it Yours' competition

Dell's 'Make it Yours' competition gave people the chance to design a notebook lid

  • 2. Robyn Gough — Altered

    No, you are not mistaken: Gough again features in the top 25 with a design that really lives up to its title. A distorted canvas of parchment bound twice by red ribbon, with faded words and fading sketches, makes this a piece of work that you could easily lose yourself in.
  • 10. Lee Phan — Dell Light

    Dell must have been flattered by this entry; one that features the Dell logo being shining out from the depths of darkness.
  • 25. Dean Raphael — Hand In Time

    The final entry from Dean Raphael is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album art, and the result is a digital work of pure inspiration.
  • 5. Daniel Tanacs — Rainbow Wave

    This vibrant design is eye-catching from the word go. Juxtaposing the extremes of an illuminated rainbow and a pitch black canvas, Tanacs achieves something that we would want to have as a laptop lid. It gets our pick for the Most Popular award — which will also be announced tonight based on voting from the Australian public on the Dell site.
  • 3. Robyn Gough — Dramatically Worn

    In yet another design by Robyn Gough, we are shown a darker template which aims to consume you with its sleek and tidy arrangement.
  • 12. Kim Deylen — The Lies of Mother Nature

    This well-crafted entry from Kim Deylen depicts a distraught and Pinocchio-inspired Mother Earth.
  • 7. Kim Deylen — Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall; Humpty Dumpty had a techno-makeover. If the over-sized eyes don’t freak you out, this well edited entry might be for you. We found the death of Humpty in the background to be a tad too ominous for our liking.
  • 17. Lee Phan — Dell Love

    Playing to the corporate audience won’t always get you first prize. This Dell-inspired design from Lee Phan is well crafted in its love-heart of flowers and an electric-wired ‘Dell’ on what seems to be the edge of the universe. ‘Where is the love?’ shouldn’t be asked here, but rather ‘Why so much love?’
  • 14. James Martin — Stuper Hero's — Play Wolverine

    This entry mixes Japanese Manga with one of Marvel’s best, to create a comic-strip styled lid worthy of reading. While a mouse-operated claw may not be for everyone, it is a design that will definitely spark some interest from certain corners.
  • 6. Eva Mellors — Aurora

    Aurora Borealis was clearly the inspiration for this entry, with a haze of purple supported by the gleam in the sky as the stars shine on.
  • 16. James Martin – Monkeh

    Curious George doesn’t look too curious anymore, just a tad depressed as he hangs on to his lonely branch. The banana-yellow background is an effective one for this well-inked drawing, which poses the question: why so glum, chimp?
  • 15. Dinesh Pasupathyrajan — Brand New Day

    Now this is a sight. A well rounded (in all senses of the term), digitised sunset, containing some of the brightest birds you have ever seen, makes this entry fascinating.
  • 24. Viren A – Serenity

    Now this is what we call creative. 3D art on a 2D canvas creates an effective design. We are perplexed how a flash drive fits in with the idea of serenity.
  • In a bid to bring some fresh designs to its Studio range of notebooks, Dell held a 'Make it Yours' competition, giving Aussies the chance to design a notebook lid.

    The winning design will be featured on a Dell Studio notebook. After countless entries were submitted over the last four months, Dell has announced a winner and is sharing the details of the top 25 entries. We've taken a look at the shortlist of Australian finalists.

    1. Robyn Gough — Not Your Ordinary Coaster

    This winning design from Hodgson Vale–based artist Robyn Gough pays homage to the careless laptop users of the world, featuring several coffee mug stains on a lightly tainted silver base. The panel of judges — which included Stephanie Watson from the Australian International Design awards — awarded it top prize, which included a Dell Studio 15 (featuring the winning design) and $5000 in cash. Gough will be presented with her prize at an awards ceremony tonight in Sydney.
  • 18. Nur Anissa Hashim — Love Is In the Air This vivid display of brightness has a hint of Pop Art.

  • 11. Kyle McGregor — Insane Colour

    Insane really is the word to go with for this entry. A blinding array of light, coming from different angles and shades to create a recurring image make this design one that will dazzle you for some time.
  • 4. Janelle Stone — Snake in the Woods

    The title says it all; this well-crafted crayon effect piece is effective in its odd-ball sort of way, with the clash of green on black, brown and purple setting this design apart from more conventional ones. Why anyone would want a snake on their laptop is escapes us — but as far as art and technology goes, it is unique.
  • 9. Cam Panlook — Macaboo Love

    This is another favourite of ours for the Most Popular award. A collage of oddball sketches, postmarked in a fiery red that just screams ‘alternative art’ to anyone who glances at it.
  • 20. Kelly Zarb — Set Me Free

    Beautifully painted water colours will always hold a place our hearts. With a rainbow-inspired background, this cry for freedom for all species will have its flock of fans, we assure you.
  • 8. Kim Deylen — Melbourne Weather

    In the second of Deylen’s three pieces that made the final cut, we are shown a striking design that could only have been titled ‘Melbourne Weather’ based on the eclectic mix of cold and darkness – part of the four seasons in one day that is said to plague the population of Melbourne.
  • 23. Lasath Siriwardena — Dusty Dreams

    Whether it is dusty or gloomy with a hint of cheer, this piece strikes a good balance between light and dark to ensure that neither side is overshadowed by the other.
  • 19. Melanie Buckley — Sunfilled Rainbow Days with Cloudy Minds

    This hand-drawn and coloured entry is, in our view, a masterpiece. Buckley’s talented design shows darkness as it begins to fall over Fairyland.
  • 21. Anthony Tilbrook — Arrows with Pale Background

    The arrows come in all shapes, colours, and sizes — and the way they come together is quite creative.
  • 13. Amanjot Braich – Inked

    Some may call this entry too simplistic, but we think it is the simplicity of this piece that makes it so effective. This design features an inked arm on a white canvas, which is seemingly pointing up to generate fire — much like the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four.
  • 22. Lewis Finnie – Light

    With not much ‘light’ at all with this entry, this is sure to prove another design that you could picture on the lid of your laptop.
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