The best touch-screen smartphones

Let your fingers do the talking with the latest and greatest touch-screen smartphones on the market

  • [[artnid:315378|HTC Hero|Review: HTC Hero smartphone]]

    HTC's Hero was the third Google Android mobile phone to be released in Australia, following on from the [[artnid:276055|HTC Dream|Review: HTC Dream smartphone]] and the [[artnid:305210|HTC Magic with Google|Review: HTC Magic with Google smartphone]]. HTC's Sense user interface is the closest challenger yet to the iPhone, with an intuitive and customisable home screen the highlight of this excellent smartphone.

    The HTC Hero is currently available [[xref:|exclusively through Harvey Norman|HTC Hero smartphone – Harvey Norman]] outright and unlocked for $649.
  • [[artnid:333489|Google Nexus One|Review: Google Nexus One smartphone]]

    Built by HTC but sold and branded by Google, the Nexus One is an Android smartphone and represents a first for Google. Feature-packed and with a sleek design, the Nexus One comes with the latest version of Android and is the most polished smartphone to use the operating system that we've seen. It may not be as revolutionary as Google might have you believe, but the Nexus One remains an excellent smartphone regardless and an able challenger to the iPhone.

    The Google Nexus One is currently available through online mobile phone retailer [[xref:|MobiCity|MobiCity – Google Nexus One]].
  • [[artnid:316422|Samsung HD Icon|Review: Samsung HD Icon smartphone]]

    Samsung's HD Icon is the world's first mobile phone to record HD 720p video. It also has an 8-megapixel camera and features a music application that allows you to flip through your album covers in a style very similar to the iPhone. The HD Icon also has a 3.7in AMOLED display that provides vibrant, rich colour and outstanding viewing angles. It's one of the best multimedia smartphones on the market.

    The Samsung HD Icon is currently available through [[xref:|Optus|Optus – Samsung HD Icon]] and [[xref:|Virgin Mobile|Samsung HD Icon – Virgin Mobile]].
  • [[artnid:329816|HTC HD2|Review: HTC HD2 smartphone]]

    It's been a long time since we've included a Windows Mobile smartphone in one of these lists, but HTC's HD2 is simply too good to ignore. With superb construction and a gorgeous display the HD2's impressive hardware combines effortlessly with HTC's Sense user interface to create an excellent user experience. You'll still be frustrated from time to time with the Windows UI lurking in the background, but this is far and away the best Windows phone on the market.

    The HTC HD2 is currently available exclusively through [[xref:|Telstra|HTC HD2 – Telstra]].
  • [[artnid:330179|Nokia N900|Review: Nokia N900 smartphone]]

    Though Nokia's N900 isn't really classified as a mainstream smartphone, this Linux-based device is certainly interesting. The Maemo 5 OS does some things superbly and others poorly, but the Nokia N900 offers one of the best mobile Web experiences currently available and its multitasking capabilities are excellent. The N900 will definitely impress early adopters and gadget gurus.

    The Nokia N900 will be available in Australia from April. The smartphone will be sold for $899 through retailers Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi and telcos Crazy John's, Telechoice and Allphones.

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  • Smartphones are all the rage in the mobile market, and it's touch-screen smartphones that have made the biggest splash. Apple's [[artnid:309245|iPhone 3GS]] has hogged much of the limelight in this space, but there remains plenty of valid alternatives for those who want to let their fingers do the talking.

    Touch screens are either capacitive — which require your finger to operate — or resistive, which can be operated by using a stylus or other object in addition to your finger. Generally, capacitive touch screens are much more responsive than their resistive ones, but there have been a few examples of responsive resistive displays.

    Without further ado, here are our top six touch-screen smartphones (not in any significant order).

    [[artnid:309245|Apple iPhone 3GS|Review: Apple iPhone 3GS]]

    We couldn't possibly write a feature involving touch-screen phones and not include the iPhone, could we? Apple's smartphone has had a huge impact on the mobile industry across the world and for good reason. The iPhone's touch screen is without doubt the best on the market and the 3GS is faster, more efficient and has more memory than the [[artnid:252856|previous 3G model|Review: Apple iPhone 3G]]. The iPhone also kick-started the mobile app market with the iPhone app store, enabling users to download a range of third-party applications including games, productivity suites, utilities and social-networking apps.

    The iPhone 3GS is currently available from all major Australian carriers including [[xref:|Telstra|Apple iPhone 3GS from Telstra]], [[xref:|Optus|Optus iPhone 3GS cap plans]], [[xref:|Vodafone|iPhone pricing – Vodafone Australia]], [[xref:|3|Apple iPhone 3GS – Three]] and [[xref:|Virgin Mobile|Apple iPhone – Virgin Mobile]].
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