Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

We rate the biggest show-stealing villains in gaming

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2. GlaDoS - Portal

“Your entire life has been a mathematical error... a mathematical error I’m about to correct!”
“You’re not smart. You’re not a scientist. You’re not a doctor. You’re not even a full-time employee! Where did your life go so wrong?”

Those are but some of the choice quotes from Portal’s malevolent supercomputer, GLaDoS, aptly delivered with a monotonous disembodied voice. Beside her killer turret gun babies, GLaDoS is the only other speaking character in the game and she instructs (i.e. - forces) the player to run through sterile chambers to test a nifty portal gun all while constantly promising a cake at the end of the trial.

Sounds reasonable enough. Expect most of the chambers involve life-threatening obstacles with some intended to be run by military androids instead. GLaDoS is less than encouraging, telling fibs and dropping ominous messages like “When the test is over, you will be... missed”.

Then, of course, the cake turns out to be a lie and GLaDoS tries to ‘bake’ the player after the test. Okay, so she’s a murderous heap of wires and metal but her warped personality and hilarious non-sequitur one-liners make her one of the most memorable villains in the gamersphere.

As her lil’ turret guns would say: “No hard feelings”, right?

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Top 10 scene-stealing video game villains

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