Clash of the Titans: new screenshots

Namco Bandai releases new screens for its action adventure title

  • Poor Namco Bandai. Not only are they releasing a fantasy-themed hack ‘n’ slash game at the same time as God of War III, but it also stars personality-vacuum Sam Worthington. Somehow, we doubt Kratos will be breaking much of a sweat over their impending showdown.

    But let's not write the game off entirely. Here are some new screenshots that may (or may not) whet your appetite.

  • In this screen, Sam appears to be courageously fighting a midget armed with a padded mace. But still. Phwoooar, eh? Check out those glutes, etc!

  • It's all looking a bit Gladiator at present, isn't it? Where are all the flying wraith-demons and magic staffs and that?

  • Ah, that's more like it. Check out those glutes, etc!

  • Ten bucks goes to anyone who can work out what the hell's happening in this pic. It appears to be some kind of impromptu dance-off with drunk homeless people providing backup. Incidentally, who reckons Sam's digital likeness will rival the real thing?

  • Clash of the Titans is due to hit stores on 26 March, 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. (That's a week after God of War III, incidentally. Let the 'clash' commence.)

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