In pictures: The best Apple iPad parodies

You've seen the iPad. Now see the best parodies of the latest, much maligned Apple invention.

  • You've sat back for months and read rumour after rumour about the famous Apple tablet. Now it's arrived and you're disappointed. No camera? No multitasking? No USB ports? The list goes on and on. And to top it off, Apple's gone with a name that's launched a thousand jokes

    T To celebrate the release of the iPad, we've rounded up some of the best iPad parodies. From tampons and to oversized iPhones, Apple-worshippers can turn away now...

  • iPad Maxi anyone?

  • The secret to Steve Jobs' success. Four iPhones + packing tape = iPad. Huzzah!

  • Only missing the Apple logo.

  • The difference between an iPad and a good old stone? The iPad has a touch screen. Image credit:

  • Own an iPhone but want an iPad? No problems, just attach the iPhad magnifier, quickly turning your iPhone into a fully fledged Apple tablet. Image credit:

  • Ah, trusty old Blu-Tack is capable of multitasking, but the iPad is not. For shame.

  • Red Bull gives you wings, and so does the iPad, when it's complete with its trusty side attachments. Men need not apply. Image credit:

  • Want a smaller iPad? Why not try the iPad Nano, otherwise known as the [[artnid:309245|iPhone 3GS]].

  • Take iTunes silhouette dancers, add iPad and you get this. No further explanation needed.

  • Advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device.

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  • Introducing the iPad. Merely a more expensive tampon, according to some.

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